Saturday, February 25, 2017

Update - Week 4!

 Oh, I am know I am so late!  This has been the busiest week so far.  So much happening.

1.  Suburb House - We have been working hard - packing like crazy (3 trips to the storage facility), repairing some sheet rock from pictures, kids, etc.  The roof was replaced - though they nailed into the water line 2 times, so we did not have water most of the day.  Not horrible, but bad when there are 4 people living, eating and going to the bathroom.

We hired a guy to change out the caulking around the outside windows.  He started yesterday, but had a family emergency, so did not show today.  I hope to get that done pretty soon.

Had a garage sale this morning - tough because we are not allowed to have one here in our neighborhood.  So, I could only advertise online.  Let me tell you - Craigslist worked like a charm.  Not only did people come, but they were ALL buyers.  Not a single person came that did not purchase something.  I will ALWAYS do that again.  It is free and there are great results.  We sold my big accountant's desk, a large armoire, a basketball goal, patio chairs, a tiled small table, 2 sets of barstools, all our outdoor Christmas items (we kept the trees, the extra large wreath and all the inside items), a large set of Ikea Expedit shelves, and lots of kitchen items and household items.  It paid for the caulking guy and then some.

Here is our current house at the end of the garage sale, but I wanted you to see that beautiful new roof!

Oh, I am also set to meet with the realtor this week about comps and listing date, open houses, etc.  We will see!

2. Land Purchase - This is done - so I will take this off the list from now on.

3. Land Home - We met with the builder this week at the land and discussed where we wanted the driveway and the home - it was fun.  He said if we could sell the house soon, we could be in by Christmas - no problem!   SO EXCITING!

We also started the construction loan process with a sell of our current home contingency.  Pre-approval come early next week and this process is going.

I hope to meet with the designer this week to get the plans going.  At this point, it looks like 735 sq. ft of screened in patio space - swoon!  You can be outside almost all year here - it is just the hottest part of summer that keeps you indoors.  But the bugs are horrible.  I know a screen won't completely keep them out, but it will help a ton!

4. RV Living - We are starting to talk about it again, but more in the sense of starting to load it with the items we will need - like the homeschool items, the tent, etc.  We will start loading some of the things next week.

5. Business - 1 quilt and 1 pillow done and picked up.  About 50 patches done, but I am all done with them!  I will accept no more patches.  I did get another quilt in - oy vey!  1 more is almost done - it is a cool one too!   Here are the ones I finished.

6.  Homeschooling all the while - We decided to quit for a while.  They are doing worse without direction right now and I need their help.  We will get started when we move into the RV or I finish with the quilts.  Which I don't think I will before we move.  It is like our summer right now, so we will work through the summer.  I feel much more at ease with that.

Well, it was truly a intensely busy week with college boy coming home, and Matthew's problems.

Update on Matthew:

The apartment is not going to work.  The rent is too high for him and as much as I would like to help, we just cannot. 

So, he has no choice but to look for a roommate he does not know.  He has about 9 days here before he has to leave.  He has agreed that it is something he needs to do.  BTW - his father's side said no to him staying with them - all of them - grandparents, uncle and Dad.  He really has noone but me - it is truly sad.  I think if he goes through with this process and finds a roommate, then I will take him shopping for some clothes.  He recently had to change his bipolar meds and lost about 25 pounds and all his pants are falling down.  With paying for a deposit and other fees, he does not have the money for clothes.  I plan on getting him 2 jeans, 2 shorts, and 5-6 shirts. 

There you are - another week in our sweetly chaotic life!


  1. Sounds like progress on all sides. Your house is lovely!!!

    1. Thank you! Fingers crossed that it sells fast!

  2. What a nice house! I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling it. So how does the contingency work? you have to close on it before you can start construction or just be under contract? Just wondering because that is something we'll probably have to do when we build.

    1. We have to sell the house before the construction starts. That is fine, though - I have 14 quilts, so that is ok. Our builder may start clearing the land before we close though - so excited!

  3. Ha. I think one of my Texas houses was that floor plan....with garage in back though.

  4. Just a thought -- would a life coach of some kind be able to help your soon Matt - coping skills etc? Sad that his father's family is no help.

  5. The new roof is beautiful; it should help you sell the home quickly. I'm sorry that you had to hold a "secret" yard sale, but it looks like you sold the majority of the heavy and bulky items that are always a hassle to move. I would never have thought of Craig's List, I will definitely try that next time.

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof