Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sigh - it never ends!

Today is all about the business.

I made a list of things I had to get done today.  The day started at the orthodontist, not bad, but took longer than expected.  I had a customer coming at 9:30, so I pushed them along - after all it was just an adjustment and that usually takes 15 minutes tops, today was 30+ minutes.

Anyway, got home, started sewing patches because I had a ton to do.  Waiting on customer - no show. Gotta love it.   Kept working on patches, stopped to do math.  More patches.  Another customer texts and is on the way - she shows up - fine.

More patches, then I discover one patch is missing.  FUDGE!  I look everywhere.  My initial count does not reflect one missing, so I tell the customer.  She thinks it is in the car.  Good Lord - some people are so unorganized.  It drives me up the wall!

She is coming later.  Finally hear from the one that was supposed to be there in the morning.  She is running late (at 12:30- ya think?).  Finish the patches I have, then take a break to talk to hubby and do some computer work in regards to the house, the land, post on Facebook about a quilt, cancel a survey.

Then I go to lay out a quilt that I have been needing to layout for DAYS, when I get an email about a project I did last month.  She received the package, sealed and everything - nothing in it - not even my note.

This has NEVER happened before.  Because this is a police officer in Peoria, AZ ordering for her patrol unit that is about to be broken up, she needs it now.  She is willing to pay, but I think it would be in bad taste to charge her.  I am frantically making it again and have to get it in the mail TODAY!

This quilt is still not laid out.  Today is going to be a long one.  I cannot no longer let things go until tomorrow. In 3 months, I will not have access to my machines - I have to get to work!

Here is the latest quilt though - the largest yet I have done.  It is an oversized queen.  My kids could barely hold it up!

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