Wednesday, February 15, 2017

To-Dos and Repairs before selling

Well now that the roof is scheduled to be replaced and we are closing on the land Friday - that is 2 I can check off soon, then the focus is now on getting this house ready to sell.  We plan on putting it on the market in two or three weeks.  Possible a soft opening in 2 weeks and on the MLS in 3.

For the most part, Darrell is doing all of this while I keep track of the builder, roofer, real estate agent, bank advisor as well as the business and homeschool.  I am spending a LOT of time in my office, but that has to go in a week!  AGH!  It is the formal dining room and for selling - we have to make it a formal dining room again.

1. Sell large pieces of furniture - well, this is me as well.  We had a couple of pieces left over from the big house that I absolutely LOVE, but well, they are big, so it is time to let them go.  We are selling a very large accountants desk with two bookshelves and a filing cabinet attached, a large entertainment armoire with felt lined jewelry drawers, 2 corner desks (maybe, I am not sure yet), a sofa, a dining table, and my Babylock single needle embroidery machine.

2. Paint over hairline cracks from settling on walls and ceilings.  We had an engineer come out and we were told it was settling.  These are not bad - maybe 4 in total.

3. Repair any damaged walls - kids, need I say more?

4. Caulking around outside windows - we are hiring out for this.  Darrell attempted and it was not pretty.

5. Replace light in master bathroom - it is not just the bulb, but the main unit. 

6. Recaulk all bathrooms

7. Roof Replacement - in works by a roofing company

8. New plants/sod for yard

9. Remove Horseshoe Pit - done

10.  Cut roots from around foundation - normal spring thing - done

11. Cut any limbs touching house done

12. Replace Doorbell - the button is broken, but the bell itself still works

13. Take down screws for Christmas Lights

14. Seal brick joints done

15. Level Air Conditioner unit done

16. Fix Garage Wall

17. Take Down Curtains on Back Porch done

18. Weather Strip Exit Doors

19. Pack up my business and remove things from walls -in process by me

20. Clean Windows

So many of these are spring cleaning things anyway.  Plus, when we moved in here almost 3 years ago, I had the entire house inside and out painted, so that still looks great - just a few touch ups.  We renovated the kitchen, so all new appliances.  We put in new flooring in all the bedrooms and formal dining room.  

Darrell said he could get this done and I am packing 3-4 boxes daily.  All my business at this point. We are getting a climate controlled storage shed by next week so we can start moving some boxes and my machines.

On and upward!

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  1. You are making so much progress and you are so organized!!! Great job!