Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Update Week 3

1. Suburb House - Roof scheduled to be replaced on Tuesday, caulking around windows on Monday.  We are getting the storage rooms today.  We are getting a climate controlled for the majority of our items and non climate control for the garage items, which will be moved once the shed is built.  Why pay for something we already own! 

For the most part, it is my business stuff and garage at this point.  Some minor pieces of furniture will go next week probably.

This weekend Darrell is focusing on the repair list and I am focusing on finishing 2 quilts and a pillow.

2. Land Purchase - The closing is delayed due to the HOA paperwork.  Just due diligence on the title company's part.  We only had a executed contract less than 2 weeks ago.  It is an extremely fast close.

3. Land Home - We received the very estimate from the builder.  I have not discussed with Darrell yet, what we are comfortable sharing, so for now, I will not disclose.  It is not even close to the final price though - I think it will go down actually.  There are many things that I am taking off.

4. RV Living - nothing here.  No time this week.

5. Business - It was a very rough week with the business - very difficult customers, lots of patches and it seemed that every time I went to go to the bathroom the door bell rang or the phone rang.

I have 2 quilts prepped and ready to put sew together and one very difficult pillow that I need concentrate on.  Everyone has agreed to give me tomorrow morning for that damn thing.

6. Homeschooling -Keeping on keeping on.  Nothing earth shattering this week, though I am highly considering taking a break for 3 weeks while we get the house ready to sell.  They can help pack, clean, and in general run my errands around the house - like mother's little helpers.  I need to weigh the pros and cons with this. It seems this year has been nothing but limping through.  It seems like that may be what the year is though.  Life.

Truly, in about 3-4 months, we will have nothing to do but homeschool.  We will be in our RV, the house will be sold.  Business will be stopped and the house being built, but nothing that we can do like now.

Things to ponder - so many things to ponder.

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