Monday, February 27, 2017

All good things!

Well, this weekend was actually a good one!

The garage sale went MUCH better than we thought it would and we got rid of a ton of large furniture that we were holding onto way too long.  I was surprised how many showed just from a free Craigslist ad.

We did our taxes on Sunday.  It was a chore!  We both got frustrated and thought of giving up, but usually one of us was ready to stick it out, so we pulled each other through. The main problem was I consulted a tax accountant early on in the business, but they really did not tell me anything helpful.  I am seriously bummed about that, but we learned.   Since I actually do use one room in my house for the business, we claimed it - at $5 a sq ft. (using the easy route).  We also claimed the mileage, depreciation on the machines, advertising expenses, and travel expenses (for the conference I went to). 

My goodness - depreciation!  The best thing ever!

Even though I was in the black for my business this year, it dropped our taxes in an amazing way!  Usually, we owe anywhere between $1,500 to over $7,000 depending on the bonus year.  We can never predict, so we are always surprised.

So, after 12 years of owing, not being able to claim our kids and stressing - we are getting a return!  To the tune of $2,800!  It really could not have come at a better time.  I could not stop dancing.

One more thing, I am NO LONGER sewing patches!  WOOHOO!!!  What a load off!  I don't have customers calling me all day, showing up whenever, etc.  I feel free actually - just free!

With all this good, I have slept - 2 nights in a row, I slept without waking.  It feels wonderful!


  1. Nice to get a tax refund! I always owe (because of my self employment income), so keep putting it off. I did adjust my payroll taxes to have more withheld from my regular job, so I'm hoping this year more of my deficit is covered.

  2. This gives me hope! I started a business in Jan of last year. Bookkeeping has been my main headache, so much that I actually hired someone to take care of the state sales tax. Every state seems to have a different requirement so I was having trouble sorting it all out. Now I just need our accountant to do his magic with the rest of our taxes! lol Congrats on the nice refund.

  3. That's great news! So happy you had such a lovely weekend. I'm getting our tax stuff uploaded & sent off to the accountant today. And then. . . dreading what we owe! As usual. :-)

  4. So happy things are going well for you! It is always so nice to get a refund when it is completely unexpected.