Thursday, August 3, 2017

Do You Believe in Miracles?

There are certain times that I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe in miracles!

Take this morning for instance.  Crap morning - I am in mega pain from helping move the furniture, then lug an air conditioner around plus the usual visit from Aunt Flo.  Had to get up early to take DD to theater camp when a text comes in (before coffee!).  When can I meet the builder up there to make a decision on the wall air conditioner?  I gave a morning time.  That was no good.  How about 4? Nope, picking up DD AND late is out because we are doing the family dinner.


Builder decides I can just meet with his assistant that doesn't speak a lot of English and honestly, this is my husband's baby - I don't know where he want the condenser to go! I know this sounds a little childish, but I am making so many decisions and have to research so much - this is his one thing.  DH is fine with making the decision, but it had to be made today while he is a meeting and cannot drive 1 hour to say, "put it here."

Also, while I am trying to sign and speak in broken Spanish, I get a phone call.

Let the LIGHT shine on!

It was the Shed Place - they want to pour the concrete on Monday!  "I believe in miracles.  Where you from - you sexy thing, you sexy thing you."  I could not believe and I am sure the sound of shock was apparent in my voice.  The guy is actually going tomorrow to look at it and as long as the weather is clear (which it is kind of rainy right now), then they can pour on Monday.  Even if the weather puts us back, we are 1st in line now!  WOOHOO!

I may have a shed by the end of August after all.

Which means a whole lot of things - we are partially considering moving to the property at that point - long shot, but it is there.  We definitely will have a workshop going and a place to sit and be should I need to spend a long time there waiting for deliveries and such.

Ah, yes, there are so many possibilities.


  1. Great news on the shed. I'm glad my DH will be able to make all those kinds of decisions on the structure, electrical, etc. I'd have no idea. I get to handle the interior design stuff - paint colors, flooring, carpet, etc.

    1. My goodness I have made so many decisions on the structure, electrical - both high and low voltage, gas, septic, roof line, beams, concrete, you name it. Which is why I stopped homeschooling for a while - the learning curve was too great.

  2. That is good news about your shed! I'm sure I'd be at a loss making all the decisions you've had to make!

  3. I would be happy to make all the inside and outside decisions! Well, I am glad you will have a shed soon.