Saturday, August 26, 2017

Still Hanging with Harvey

We are fine.  We are pretty far north of Houston, so we have gotten some rain and light winds, but nothing bad.  We kept electricity all night last night. 

There is a lot of areas that normally flood in Houston, they are currently flooding.  What is going to get us is that it will be rain and rain and rain so more.  Our area is supposed to get 18", inside Houston 25".  We are not called the Bayou City for nothing.  It will be bad in Houston.  San Antonio is going to be getting it awfully bad!  My beautiful Hill Country area is getting pounded.

We were at this beach last year down in the area that the eye of hurricane came in on.  This beach got the worse of the winds down close to Mustang Island.

I am concerned about these trees - some of the oldest trees - like birth of Christ old.  But they have seen more than this storm, so I hope they fare well.

It was bigger than I could take a picture of.

Some other news.

In light of the rain we would be getting, we decided to move our RV to our land - our land is higher than the RV park and if we waited, we would have had to move it on Wednesday through LOTS of rain and mud.  So, yesterday in very light rain, we moved the RV.

Also, our farmhouse copper sink came in!  It was good timing - the Fed-ex truck was pulling out of the neighborhood when we pulled in.

It is gorgeous!  This picture does it no justice!  I chose bronze drains since I am doing a bronze faucet and handles in the kitchen.  It is a subtle copper - antiqued.  I chose not to have it hammered - I don't like that look. It is smooth.  And just stunning - I literally had an intake of air when I saw it!  LOL

So, today and tomorrow and probably Monday and Tuesday, we are just hanging out.  As long as we have electricity we will be good to go. 

I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!


  1. that sink is stunning! I am going to get one of those too. I have a feeling it will be my favorite thing LOL. Glad you aren't getting hit by the storm too bad and got the rv moved. That tree does look old!

  2. Wow! That tree is stunning. It seems moving your RV was a wise thing to do. The sink is really beautiful.