Friday, August 18, 2017

Week 29 Update

Wow!   Where to begin.  It has been a whirlwind week and really, I need about 2 more days - which I will not get.  We will get there eventually though.

First, We went to help clean out my grandmother's house, but could not help much.  My cousin who is the executor and was willed MOST of the items in her house, could not let go of anything.  Hubs and I just threw away the trash mostly.  We did get 5 boxes of things for ourselves.  I took almost all of her pots and pans - copper bottom steel from the 50s, all her cast iron, and her 60s yellow bundt pan.  Gadgets and just things we could use - like furniture pads, placemats, etc.  My dad got the furniture, but every time I wanted a piece, my step-mother would say she wanted it - I mean this happened 5 times - items she did not even think about until I said something.  Dad even got mad at her once, but I gave in.  I took one stuffed chair and ottoman - it is a gorgeous bird and foliage fabric - definitely a statement piece, but so my grandparents' style.  It is not the typical grandmother stuff - when we move in I will take a picture of it - it is wrapped in plastic right now.  I also took a marble top plant stand. 

We got back late Wednesday night and could not help but stop by the house.  We were disappointed to see that really no more work had been done other than the ceiling of the patio and brick - nothing had been done inside!

Basically, we are waiting on supplies to be delivered.

Yesterday, we moved into our rental.  OMG!  It is gorgeous! Brand new and other than a few tweaks, it will work out great.  The space for me to work in will work fine, I have not made a decision about the embroidery machine.  It is huge - a 10-needle commercial machine and although there a good amount of space here, it is not a great layout.  We are going to bring our dressers here - there are NONE - and our TV.  Other than that, we are still living just on what we had at the RV.   It feels so good to be in a house, I am moving more, smiling more, have a better outlook - it is wonderful.

OK, here we go - updates.

1. Land Home - Brick is going in and is GORGEOUS!!!  Builder told us the masons would be done with all the stone and brick in about 2 weeks.  I am not holding my breath, but I do think 2-3 weeks is doable. (I cannot help but think about that movie The Money Pit when my builder says 2 weeks)

The patio ceiling is almost done - there is a small section left (waiting on supplies), then we have to put in a finishing strip - not a quarterround, but a 1 x 2 whatever they call it. 

The supplies to finish the trim and shelving is supposed to be there today so they can start working - when it gets in, they will take about 3 days to finish, then the painters can move it!

The saltillo tiles are expected to arrive on Tuesday and the tiler will come in.  All he does is install saltillo tile and works slow.  He sounds perfect!  This type of tile is about 1" thick, but varies slightly in thickness.  These are hand made and baked in the sun, so they are imperfect - which is what makes them perfect!  So, the tiler cannot lay them like normal tile - more grout is needed and spacers do not work at all - it is all chalk lines and eyeballing.    The finished product is gorgeous though - I mean really stunning.

OH, I almost forgot!  Our stained glass is done and they are shipping it today!!  This is for our "front door", the one that opens to the patio, but looks like a front door.

We went yesterday and looked at outdoor kitchen/grills and made a decision on them!  We spoke with the builder and are going to purchase them today.

In addition to that, we need to buy the fire escape ladder, copper sink, and really all the lighting.  That should pretty much wrap us up.

I need to set an appointment with the permaculture guy to get our design done and land grades figured out.

The business ensues!

RV Living - OK, this will be the last post of this one.  We started moving out yesterday and have a little more to go - all the homeschool items mainly.  Then we need to clean it really well and close it up.  We are leaving it at the park until the end of the month because it is pre-paid and we cannot get that money back, plus we are waiting for some supplies to be moved.  Then we are moving it to our land. 

Homeschool - We decided this next week is not a good one to start, we are still trying to get settled here and have LOTS of appointments, plus DD's 1st audition.  We will use this week to organize the books, set the schedule and get ready for starting the 28th - when all schools around here start.

Business - 4 quilt orders are coming in this week, so I need to get ready for them.  I will do that Monday.  I did get shirts of my grandmothers to make my cousin a quilt, so I need to get started on that as well.  That is a joy though.

So, there you have it - so many more little things that go into life happened, cancelling the internet at the RV, getting the cable working here, meeting with the builder, getting gas, grocery shopping, mailing a card, etc, etc, etc.

I hope you all had a great week, I am off running now again - hopefully I can catch up on blog reading soon!


  1. what a pretty stained glass. It sounds like your home will have a lot of personal/custom touches. We are trying for that too, but it's hard when we don't know what things really cost and how much our "allowance" on the construction bid really gets you. Like $2000 for lighting seems low to me. But I have an "in" to get lighting at less than distributor cost, so hopefully will be ok with that amount

    1. You will need more money than you think. Way more! $2,000 for lighting was fine for us, but that did not include the can lights. Also, I am not particular about lights. We have ended up paying cash for things that were the allowances. All of them! At the end, the last draw is usually for those items. You can choose to take that draw or not - according to our builder.

  2. Wow! That's BEAUTIFUL! 'Well jel' as they say here. What a fantastic way to take yourself outside. Glad things seem to be coming together a bit more. It sounds like you missed having a bricks and mortar house, having room to spread out, and that's understandable. I think you've missed your quilting work (no matter how frustrating it's been sometimes!), so not long to go now until you've got your VERY OWN HOUSE again! \o/ xx

    1. It is not the whole door yet, just the stained glass window that is going in the door. Yep, I have missed the sewing. I brought my machine, but I had to order oil, so I cannot sew just yet. There is enough prep work, that it is no big deal. I CANNOT wait for our home - every day, the ache for it grows stronger.

  3. That door is stunning! I'm so glad you guys are renting a place until your house is completed. You will be so much happier when you have a bit more space.

    1. Yes, we are thrilled with the space and PRIVACY! Everyone is celebrating their privacy. My husband took 4 showers in 2 days. It is the best.

      That is not the full door though - just the stained glass. I cannot wait to show you all the door!

  4. The door is amazing! And, I love how the colors are on the floor--double prettiness.

    1. It is not the full door, it is just a picture of the stained glass on a window sill. The door it WILL go is amazing though - cannot wait to show you all.