Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New Day

Lots of talking between my DH and the builder last night and the builder admitted to dropping the ball on some things.  That made me feel better - for him to admit it.

So here is the deal - still not great, but it will be a bit better.

1) The Master Bath - we are going to push back the shower pony wall by about 5 inches.  That will make the walkway approx. 43.5" to walk between the shower and vanity.  Still tight, but much more doable than the 38".  Sometimes a few inches makes all the difference.

Oh and for completely redoing it, it would consist of taking the roof off and pouring more foundation, reworking the plumbing, etc so close to $50,000 just to open up the bathroom.  We will work with what we've got!

2) The Kitchen Island - We had to compromise because of our sink.  I am only getting a 33" inch, but a sink of that size has to go in a 36" cabinet or 34", but this manufacturer does not make it in that size.  So, we have the dishwasher - which is a set in stone size, the sink cabinet - 36" and a trash drawer - 21".  We gained about 5" inches of walk space and that will have to do.

We told him that he really needs to pay attention to those narrow areas and make sure people understand what they are getting into.  He agreed.

Moving on.  The electric company put in the pole, now we just need to get the underground wiring done and we can install a meter.  Other than that, the rain has caused a delay.  Lots of things should be done while we are gone.

My daughter's shows start tonight!  DS and I are going to the first one, then DH and some friends of ours are going to the second.   Tomorrow, I will go to both sets and the whole family is attending the last one!  2 family events this month after all.

It is run, run, run today.  I am so tired that I feel like I could pass out right now.

No rest for the weary - at least until Sunday.

I am off - have to dinner in the crock pot - potatoes, sausage and green beans (by request from Miss Actress).  Fold clothes, shower, and clean up a bit. 

Keeping it real!


  1. I'm glad things are looking better today!

  2. I had no idea that the cost would be so high! My sink is not that large, so that is a nice size sink and will be handy. I am glad he admitted he dropped the ball and glad you are happier. Have fun at the show!