Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday, Monday - that rainy day

Yes, it is still rainy.  Not hard, but the wind is harder!  The eye of the Harvey is coming closer to Houston and although that sounds bad, but honestly, I if it comes and moves East, we will get a break.  That is a clean side.  I am done with the dirty side even though we are high and dry with electricity.  I want it for my dear friends that are sitting without electricity, without water and cannot leave because the roads are flooded.

I want it because the county is about to release levies (which they have to do or cause more harm than you can imagine), and this will flood homes that managed to not get flooded so far.  Over 30 neighborhoods have to evacuate before they release.  These are people we know and neighborhoods we lived in before.

I want it because buying food is tough.  People cannot leave their neighborhoods and even those that can make it out go to store to find it empty.

There was just no way to predict how bad this would be.

Now, CNN is saying the government failed us by NOT requiring an evacuation.  I live here, my friends live here - this has NEVER happened before.  NEVER!  Now, the last time the government issued a mandatory evacuation (Hurricane Rita) - 10 million people tried to get out of Houston and you know what - they ran out of gas in stopped traffic in 100F days with no food, water or bathrooms.  It was mass hysteria.

Also, neighborhoods that flooded before are not flooding now.  There is no way to predict where it is prudent to evacuate.  So, if the government HAD issued evacuations before the storm came in historically flood prone areas, they would have missed those that got it the worst with this storm.  CNN needs to shut their fucking mouth!  I am done with them!

Not one person I know, have heard about or anything is complaining about staying.  People are helping people, more rescues have happened than they can report because not all rescues are reported!  People who are without power and water are sharing their rations.  This is how everyone should be all the time.

OK, my rant is over.

Good news for me with all this awfulness.  We decided to try to get to our land this morning and were able to drive there with no problem.  So far, our home is water free and did not even feel humid.  It has held.

We were thrilled!  I am actually exhausted now and hubs thinks it is because I was so worried about it.  The neighborhood did not flood either.  Good, good news.

We also went grocery shopping and got some basics so we could go much longer if we needed to.  The store was rationing  - no more than 2 of items like toilet paper, bread, milk, beer, crackers, etc.  (Yes, beer was rationed!)

So, we are fine - we will be fine.  I am aching like crazy for my friends, but they cannot get to me and I cannot get to them.

We are not through this yet, but the end is coming soon - very soon!


  1. I heard it's currently headed back to sea and then will hit Houston again? Hope they are wrong about that otherwise it sounds like you have days of more rain ahead.

    1. Yep, that is exactly what it is doing. We are expected to get another 20" or so.

  2. Glad you are holding your own and your new house and neighborhood are also ok. I've been watching the news (never CNN though) and the devastation breaks my heart. Stay safe and please continue to keep us posted.

  3. Glad you are all ok. You couldn't pay me to watch CNN LOL. Just like the fires here, no one can really predict how bad it might get. Geez.

  4. After all this if I ever have anything that bad coming my way, I will leave really early. If I were you, as soon as I had access to electricity at your house, I would plug in a dehumidifier and leave it with a hose to drain it outdoors. Even if it does not feel humid, the house will absorb wetness and then be sealed in walls and everywhere. I am glad your house held and does not feel damp! I do hope it holds and all is well.

    1. I am going to talk to my builder about it, but the sheetrock is in, so is the casing (baseboards, wood around doors, etc) and paint is on the walls.

      The only open spaces were under 3 outer doors and through what is supposed to be a lock. Yes, there is humidity, but Houston ALWAYS has humidity. I do like your thinking about the dehumidifier though. We will do everything we can to negate mold!