Saturday, August 5, 2017

Week 27 Update

This week was a tough one.  Frustrations, Boredom, Complacency, Laziness, Over-bearing, Blah, Blah, Blah.

Things are starting to get to me - well, let's face it - they have from the beginning, but I have been good at keeping them in check.  I literally broke this week - literally.

New Home:  I am not sure how much happened this week.  Nothing major really.  The drywall was floated and taped, then mudded.  I need to take pictures, but I have not been up to it.  Maybe tomorrow - it is so rainy and hot that it makes it difficult and draining.

The mason was supposed to start, but only has only minimally prepped.  The electric pole was supposed to go in, it did not.  The cabinets were discussed, but the plan was not complete, so no decision there. 

Between my builder's lack of attention to our place, the trash thrown in the wall and the constant rain - I am down about it all.  It will get done, I know, but it seems very difficult with me having to push and push to make anything happen.  I feel sometimes like I should have been the head contractor, but I know that our builder does help and so many things like inspections are done without my knowledge. 

RV Living:  Sorry - more complaints here.  I am so done with living in this RV.  We have been here for 4 months and I am done.  Our kids are done.  My DH is done.  We are done.  I have not talked to DH yet, but I am seriously thinking about getting a VRBO place or something.  I am that kind of done.

I miss a good shower, a place to chop vegetables, a bed to stretch out in, not worrying about sewage, a place for the kids to get separation, a place to work, a place to breath.

I don't know if it will happen, but we WILL have a conversation about it.

Homeschool:  I am starting to think about it more.  They have papers due in a couple of weeks about the eclipse.  We are going to stream it through Lowell Observatory (in Flagstaff, AZ - we love this place!) in the morning, then we have our glasses for when it passes over us.  They will present their reports in the evening to Dad and me.

DD is Lady Montague in Romeo and Juliet - a loose, condensed version.  Lady Montague is an amalgam of Lord Montague and Lady Montague set in a modern time, but done in old english.  Should be interesting - the play is this next week. We are also starting to prep for her Little Women Audition.

Business: You would think there is nothing going on, but I am getting calls almost daily!  I need to start working!  It is all I am thinking about.  An order for 9 quilts, another 3 quilt order - all willing to wait for me.  I am up to about 30 quilts now.  Last year I made 56 quilts - holy crap - I almost have a year's worth of work waiting for me!

Next week is slated to be very similar as this one.  Hopefully I will have more to say about the house build though in a more positive light!

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