Thursday, March 2, 2017

Update Week 5

 This week I am early.  The older boys are giving us a weekend away so we are really taking advantage of it!

1.  Suburb House - This house is going to kill me.  I say that about houses I am about to sell.  It is just one issue after another.

The biggest one is paint.  We took the old can to the same place we bought the paint, but it does not match.  Sigh.  This is 3/4 of our entire house.  I am not sure what we are going to do.  We had to do some wall repairing, so the paint is essential, but if we cannot find a match, then we have to repaint everything. This sucks!  It would put us back a couple of weeks!  Plus cost mucho money and time!

The recaulking of the windows is done, we planted some annuals for color, I am starting to pack closets and thin everything out.  We are waiting for the final check on the roof, then I can check that off.

The real estate agent came and we talked about the problems of this house - the size (smallish) and the lack of a 1/2 bath.  However, location, location, location - it is in a hot area and I have done some good renovations.  We decided to list at $229,900.

If we can figure out the paint problem (ideas anyone?)*, then we are set to have professional pictures taken on the 16th and the house goes on the market on the 18th.

I am very ready to be past this!

* Update:  Since Sluggy's advice was the best, but we do not have any old paint that is usable, we are going to use the new paint.  Only the walls that were repaired - like the other advice.  This is even what the paint store told us.  4 walls at this point.  We are going to be very picky about other walls.  Nail holes and small issues are staying just that.

 2. Land Home - I met with he designer/architect this week.  It was a smooth meeting.  He told me NOONE had ever come to him with so much detail and knowledge about what they wanted.  This is me in a nutshell.  By the time I actually get around to something, I have researched the hell out of it.  Sometimes I think it robs me of some of the fun, but then again, I love research.

That is it this week.  Just waiting to hear from the land clearers and the finance people.

4. RV Living - No talk this week at all - it is been so busy.  But since we are taking it out this weekend, this we probably will talk a TON about it.

5. Business - Another quilt done this week, plus over 100 patches.  Yes, more came in and I promised I would do them about 4 months ago.  AGH!!!  So much has changed.  If I did not have the quilts to make, I would pack it all away and tell everyone I am done right now.  I feel so pulled between my work and trying to get this house ready!

12 quilts and counting though - one is in the works!  This is the latest one - I was excited to make it - I love theme quilts - especially when I get creative license.  I am not artsy so much, but more clean lines and simple designs.  It turned out better than I imagined.


  1. Could you get away with just painting a few walls? Lighting can also make paint colors look different, so perhaps play around with having different lamps on, etc. If the paint is only slightly different, it might not show so much.

    1. That is what my husband is wanting to do. It may work - not sure. Some of these walls are pretty big!

  2. Professional painters always blend their paints.....add the old paint to the new so there are no blaring color differences. Depending on how much old paint and how much new paint you need to add this could work.

    1. Bummer - the old paint is chunky and unusable - that would have been perfect though!