Monday, March 27, 2017

1 of 10, well probably 11, and maybe 12

All focus is on getting the business closed down temporarily.  I am working my tail off - literally!  Quilting day is hard on the rump!

I did not really start counting until this weekend.  So, the one I finished today is #1.  I am sandwiching #2 this evening (I need Darrell's help), and will finish it tomorrow.  Whew!

This was thankfully did not have a border!  There were so many shirts - I think 52 total and it is very heavy with all those jerseys.  It was problem filled as well, but some quilts are just like that.  There is an issue at every turn - with the shirts themselves, with the piecing, with the quilting, with the binding.  One thing after another and I was glad to finally be done with it.  It is for a mom - her kid's shirts from them growing up. (She favors the boy!)

I put them in order from most amount of shirts to least.  But that does not mean they will necessarily be smaller, just less work.  Nothing over a full though.  That is a relief.

Why 11 or 12 total?  Well, one has been telling me 2 all along, I just think she is waiting until the 1st one is done.  I am absolutely expecting that one.  Then, another person is making a decision whether she wants me to make hers on the RV or not.  She is the only one I will do it for.  I have made a quilt for her before, so this is a return customer.

Good/Bad News - I post my work on Instagram and with this picture above, I have gotten requests for 2 quilts.  Unfortunately, I cannot accept orders!  However, it is good in that when I start back up, I should not have a problem. 

Yes, I have a waiting list going and with a new area, that is more marketing!  LOL  I AM going to try to keep it low key though.  Homeschool is my priority from here on out.

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