Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Moving like a bullet train

Things are going so fast - I cannot wait until we can slow down a bit.

We are still hashing out the plans - our builder finally got back with us on some things that made sense, so we are making a few more changes.

Getting this house ready to show is just incredible stressful. I have almost shut down.  Darrell says I do this - I go like crazy the first 90%, then just shut down the last 10%.  I need to learn how to pace, but after 44 years, I am not sure I can - it is my nature.

Last night, Darrell talked with his Dad who is going through cancer treatments.  His Dad was asked recently what he would like to do when they are over and he feels better - he could go anywhere in the world!   Do you know what he said?  He wants to come see us.

I cried.

We are not the ones that are the "golden" children.  We tend to stick to ourselves, help when needed and live quiet lives.  We are not flashy.  However, he wants to come here.

I would LOVE if the land was cleared so we could walk it and they could decide where the treehouse is going.  Plan for it, etc.  The builder said he would try.   I may take a machete and go to town.

Like I have time.

 Finished one quilt and am currently working on making the quilt for the girl that died.  Her mother cried in my office.  It is always so sad, but I know ultimately, it is a very special gift that have these quilts, bears, pillows, etc made.  Out of her honor, I cannot post pictures of it however.  Here is the other one though.

So, the house goes on the market Friday!  We have finished the repairs and are currently still cleaning out and cleaning in general.  Off to sew and take a load to charity!

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  1. Congratulations on getting so much done so quickly! You can get through the rest of this, it's really tough, but you can do it!