Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Starting the mini RV Renovation!

Last weekend, while I sewed, Darrell started working on the largest part of the mini-renovation in the RV.

We are taking out the dinette set and a small cabinet next to it and replacing it with some shelves and a larger cabinet to hold our kitchen appliances - like the coffee pot, crock pot, toaster oven, toaster, and possibly an electric skillet. Yes, the RV has an oven, but it is a camper oven, so not great.  The toaster oven is excellent and the kids can use it without lighting a pilot light.

Let me preface that the pictures are bad - Darrell really tries, but he cannot get a handle on the phones pictures!  LOL

Before work started and this is with the slide out in, so not much space.

The dinette and this thin counter top cabinet is going
This is with everything out - so roomy!

The box is holding the electrical and duct work, with the shelves! Yes, the slide is still in!

The box is not completely done, but good enough right now.  This weekend, he will caulk, do a little sanding, paint it so it does not splinter and screw the shelves into it.

The cabinet is going to be flush against where the box juts out.  Now, there will be that gap there, but it was necessary for all the duct work and water tanks.  With the outlet being on top, we can easily plug in appliances and possibly even use that area for umbrellas, or other semi-tall things that we need to move out of the way. 

The shelf you see will hold all our homeschool materials, and some kitchen items that need drawers.  We also plan to give one unit to each of the kids for their items.  We may get a box to stick in there - depending on what they need.

This is the biggest part of the renovation - others include adding a TV arm, attach a fan to the wall, put up organizational things as we sit fit, etc.  Just small things.

Oh, by removing the dinette we also opened the space so we could fit two more chairs in there!  I am super excited about this one!  They are slim line Ikea chairs that give great back support, so I am stoked.  That is where I will sit in the morning with the heating pad and drink coffee.

So, off to work on Quilt #3 - yes, 2 down, 8, 9 or 10 to go!

Update on the builder:  He just wrote me and said he will answer all my questions and send us the plans for the final review this afternoon.  He wants to send the paperwork to the lender no later than Friday.  OK, depending on how this goes, will help us decide.  We may need to just get on the same page in regards to communication. 


  1. Wow! So much more space! You are brave. I don't know if I'd have the guts to take out the table in our 5th wheel.

    1. We plan on gutting the whole thing eventually! We are fearless like that!

    2. Have you checked out some of the "glampers"? My daughter did this with a 2012 camper they bought. Turned around and sold it for more than they paid for it. Hmm, flipping campers? They sold theirs because they needed more space, but they could be onto something here!

    3. Yes, I have seen them! If DH were interested, we could go for it, but he is not. I am the paint/stain/decor person - he is the wood/electric/plumbing person. I would definitely need him! LOL