Friday, March 24, 2017

Weekly Update - Week 8

It is a week of ups and downs for sure!  Busy week as well.  The selling of the house, my daughter's birthday, the house building, the rv, the business!  So stressful.  I am seriously down today as I see things falling through the cracks and I cannot seem to keep on top of it all.  I know it is just all this pressure, so I am trying to work though it at a steady pace.

1. Suburb House - Well, it went on the market at 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning, but there was no way to schedule a showing until around 11:00 a.m.  By 11:42, we had 5 showings.  It was crazy!  The kids and Darrell had run to the bank and I was working - the house was mostly ready, but there were lots of little things. Got it done just in time and then went out for the day.  The first offer came around 7:30 p.m. then the second by 10:30.  1 more after midnight.  We had 4 showings on Sunday and got another offer from the Sunday showings.  We accepted offers until noon on Monday, then made a decision from there. 

We are officially in the option pending period, and the inspection was done yesterday.  No word yet which is driving me insane - I am of the opinion, the longer it takes, the worse it gets.  They were here with the inspector so they already heard everything. 

Just heard, they have repairs they want done, but we will get the list either later today or tomorrow.  OMG - I am in tears.  We have worked so hard and we have never had to make repairs when selling before!

We have a closing date of April 21st.  Double gulp.  In my mind, we were middle of May. But, I am ready to move forward, so I will make it work.

2. Land Home - I had another meeting with the builder and designer.  We are down to the final stages, but it is a very long process - they get me the plan for review, I get it back to them in 1-4 hours, then I wait a week.  It is frustrating.  I am such a quick person and we are so close to being done that I just want to move on.

The final house size is 2243 sq ft. with screened and covered patio size at 821 sq ft.  It is a good size, but not too big.  The builder wanted me to go bigger, but I said no.

I signed the paperwork to get permit approval for clearing and building from the county and HOA.  That will take a little while.

The biggest thing we worked on though were the electric outlets, lights, and switches.

3. RV Living - Well, this took on a bigger role this week.  Now we are looking at moving in the RV in just at 3 weeks.   So, Darrell will be removing the dinette table this weekend and hopefully repairing the box where wires and the ducts are located so we can put in a shelf from IKEA we already own.  That would be a big step because everything else - better storage - can be done as we live there.

This is the shelf but we are laying it on its side and it is black brown, not white.

I also bought 2 of these storage box things to go on the chairs.  I will more than likely either use velcro to attach them or use E-6000.  I just don't know how permanent I want them on the chairs (pictures of the chairs later)

Any way to add a little space to the RV is going to be good - especially since we will be homeschooling the entire time.  I am a big believer of books - so this may be the place they put their library books and and their personal chapstick, ipods, etc.  I got one for each of the chairs. 

4.  Business - sigh.  I am working like crazy - almost done with 1 quilt this week.  I need to finish it and one more by Monday.  I will be able to - I am on track.  I need to pick up the pace though and get 2.5 to 3 done per week.

We decided that there is no way I can get done by the time we have to leave, so we have started planning for finishing up while I am in the RV.  We think it is possible - just not ideal.  The RV place has a rec room that seems to have enough space for me to layout.  Sandwiching is going to be the hard part.  The really hard part.  I am still thinking about it.

I had to accept another quilt today though.  She had contacted me in January before all this mess started and I told her I would do it at that time.  Unfortunately, I cannot go back on my word.  I took it.  Now, there is 11. 

Also, another one that was slated to get me her last shirt by the first weekend in May, I had to tell her that I need all the shirts now.  She is deciding this weekend if she wants to go ahead and do it now or wait until next year.  She may decide not to use me at all.  I feel bad, but I had to make her aware of the situation.

See, if it had gone like normal - the house would have had a buyer in 2 weeks with a 45 day closing.  That would easily put us in mid-May and we were going to ask for a lease back until the end of the month.  HOWEVER, it turned out that we sold very quickly, short closing, and no lease back allowed.  Sigh.  I could have never predicted.

This week was very frustrating from the current home to the new build, to the RV, to the business, to the homeschool, to the parents, to the kids, to the everything.  I need a good night's sleep.  A little sleep helps me so much! 

OH, OH, OH!!!  I forgot to add - my car would not start this morning, so I could not go to my chiropractor appointment (needed!)  All lights come on - no start.  We had to get it towed and still have not heard anything. The longer it takes, the worse the outcome (happens to me all the time).  I am so done today.  Murphy can please go.  Poke a fork in me - I AM DONE!


  1. As for the list of repairs, you still don't have to do those. They may be just trying to get all they can and be a pain. Or, lower the price to cover those things. You won't know until you get the list. I think we sold all our houses too cheap because they sold so fast. But, that beats months of agony and showing. Good luck in all of this.
    Practical Parsimony

    1. We got the list and they want everything done. We think it is because they are new to this country and new to home buying. They are paying for the repairs, but we have to make sure they get done before we close. Weird, but true. Our house is not too cheap necessary. I am worried it will not appraise at the amount we accepted. It is just right now, these smaller homes are in big demand. It is over market value - which is about $112 per sq ft. The offer is aver $118 per sq. ft. Crazy times!