Friday, March 10, 2017

Weekly Update Week 6 (with house plans)

 This has been an extremely exhausting week, but we feel like we are making progress.  We hope the house sells quickly just so we can start relaxing and not have to be "on" all the time.  Yes, we are a house of introverts.

1.  Suburb House -  Well, painting the entire wall that was repaired did the trick.  Even though the paint did not match exactly, over a whole wall,  you can not tell at all.  It is the same color mixture, just age changes the paint color.   So, I painted 10 walls, then we decided the kids' bathroom is awful and really needs to be repainted.  Well, I will do that on Sunday.  Womenly issues are preventing me from painting it sooner.  Oh, if you are wondering why my husband cannot paint it - he has a hand shaking issues and cannot cut out very well.  Yes, he can roll, but that is the easy part - a bathroom has a TON of cutting out areas.

We are almost done cleaning out everything, finishing this weekend.  In fact, we will be ready to market come Monday.

The last roof check has been sent to the mortgage company.  This takes a long time of staying on top of it.  Almost 7 weeks total.  Ugh!  Pain in the Ass is what it all is.

I have already started marketing the house with the pictures I posted yesterday.  I am building interest and there is quiet a bit even with the realtors in this area.  I have gotten a great response.  The only negative is that the front of my house faces the side of another house.  Something with feng shui.  It didn't other me.  On the market next weekend, so we will see!

 2. Land Home - We got the quote for land clearing and building the clay pad for both the house and the barn.  We were quote $11,000.  Not sure if that is good or not, but it includes the driveway and culvert, so that seems about right.

We also got the preliminary house plans!  YEAH!!!

 This picture is sideways really, I know it is difficult to read, but hopefully you all can get an idea.  We are taking out the door to the office because we want it convert to a dining room if need be, but at this point, it will serve as my sewing room/office.  We are also taking out the media center in the living room and adding that space to the storage area.  Also, we are adding two windows to the back wall in the kitchen.

Yes, all that porch/patio area is covered.  All 842 sq ft of it.  This is our dream.  Not only is it covered, but screened.  Swoon!  The total sq ft. is 2196, so not a huge house - it is nice size with nice size rooms.  With the garage and porch area, it is 3100 sq ft.  (yes, we put walk up stairs to the attic space in the garage.

Even though this is not the final, it is starting to look real!

4. RV Living - Other than moving quite of bit of things to the RV that will be needed then, we are totally focused on the current home and getting it ready.

5. Business - Nothing done with the business while I changed rooms to make a dining room - my space was a mess this whole week.  Today, I have to get going on it.  It is extremely difficult though.

That's it - a rough week, but exciting too with getting the house plans.  Things are really starting to come together and take shape. Just imagine - a little over 6 weeks ago, this was no where on our minds.  I mean we had a long vision of it, but nothing immediate.

I hope you all have a very wonderful weekend!  We will be toiling away...

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