Thursday, March 9, 2017

The House we are Selling

I have been working VERY hard this week getting this house ready for sale.

We still have a couple of more things to do:

1.  Clean out the garage, our closet, and thin out the kitchen.  We have done everything else!  YEAH!

2.  Paint the kids' bathroom.  After looking at it last night, it really needs painting.  We have left over paint from painting the other areas and it will probably take me a total of 1.5 hours.  It is a small bathroom and would make a huge difference.

3. Replace the light fixture in my daughter's ceiling fan (a busted light light bulb blew the circuit).

4. Replace a hall light to get the gold out - on realtors suggestion.

5. Power Wash all concrete front and back. 

6.  Mulch the flower beds and weed eat  - normal maintenance stuff.

A run to the storage shed and the RV and we will be done!  Sooooo close now.  We go on the market next week.

I took come pictures today since I am marketing on my own just a bit.  Here you go!

Front of house

Living room

Closer view of the fireplace

breakfast area

kitchen from living room

kitchen from breakfast area

formal dining - that WAS my office!

Now my office in the office/bedroom

Daughter's room - she loves it!

Son's room


Master bath

As you can see, we are not frilly people.  I have taken out everything that has us in it.  Even the kids say it does not feel like home anymore.   That's a good thing for selling! 

Another house right down the street came on the market.  It is slightly smaller than ours, on a bigger lot with a bathroom renovation for $4,000 less than we are asking.  Just went up yesterday.  I am a little bummed, but they don't have a new roof and their kitchen is not upgraded, no landscaping, etc.

We will see!


  1. Beautiful home! When we staged our former house I remember feeling that it was no longer my own. Your kids are right by saying that.

  2. Very pretty home, and very clean, where folks can picture themselves living there. Good luck on a fast sale.