Saturday, March 25, 2017

New RV Home

We went to the RV place where we will be staying so I could show Darrell the spots we chose.

There was one spot (#60) that we liked in a new section, but it was not set up with Wi-Fi just yet.  It also was quite a distance from the amenities we are going to use - like the laundry and rec room.

There was another spot (#4) that we loved with Wi-Fi and close to the amenities, but it was occupied.  Now, the couple that was there was THINKING about moving to the new section, but was not sure.  They were going to give it a few days to think about.  Funny thing, the spot they would move to was #60 - our second choice.

Anyway, when we got there, someone was in #60,  but I thought it was a weekender, or over nighter.  Then we went back to #4 and it was empty.  WOW!  We went back to #60 and talked to them - they did just move from #4 - super nice, she crochets and knits and are also building a house.

We get the one we wanted!! 

Here is a picture of this site.

Lots of trees and quite a bit of yard space.  We can park both of our vehicles in this spot as well - which is super nice.  It is right across the drive way from a nice gazebo and a short walk to the laundry and rec room where we will do our homeschool most days, plus the area where I will layout a quilt if necessary. 

I really needed something good to happen after the hell day yesterday.

Today, Darrell is off to pull out the dinette table and get the small renovation going.  We are really starting to pare down now.  Our community is having a garage sale next weekend, so we are getting rid of the last things we held back for showing.  Not long now!


  1. Looks lovely! I just came back from visiting a neighbor. She equally likes the idea of becoming snowbirds. I could see us setting up camp in a spot like yours.