Thursday, March 23, 2017

Running today

Our cleaners came this morning, so we ran some errands - book donation, pick up batting at Joann, return a record player to Amazon.  This was a birthday present for my daughter, but it was awful.  I remember just being able to go to the store, buy something and it actually work.  Not anymore.  Granted this was Amazon, but no stores carry record players anymore.

Then, home to straighten up a little more and get the dishes washed in the dishwashers, put on laundry (the sheets), and start piecing a quilt together.

I could not get far though because I have to keep the house clean - the inspector is coming today.  I did not want to set up my iron, then it is be hot and pieces of the quilt everywhere, etc.   So, I am just bidding my time browsing, answering email, etc.

When the inspector gets here, we are going to go up and book the RV site where we will be living.  I will take pictures if I can (if someone is in the spot currently, I will not be able to).   3 weeks and counting!

Then when we get back from that, I am finishing piecing the quilt and making the backing so we can layout tonight.  If there is time, I will be starting the next one as well.  I doubt there will be though.

2-3 quilts a week.  I started with the most numerous and the last week will be the small ones with the least amount of shirts which makes the sewing go a LOT faster.

Finalized the house layout plans and working on the electrical plans.  Also finalized the plot plans.  I am hoping to get these done this week so we can move forward with the construction loan.  35 days once the bank gets all the paperwork.   I really wanted to close on the loan right after we closed on the house, but there will be a lag - which means longer in the RV.

Ah, well - off to book the RV spot!


  1. Target had record players around Christmas time in the electronics section near the landline telephones.

    1. I will have to check them out - thank you!

  2. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your RV site. My hubby and I are giving some serious thought to becoming snowbirds in the not too far distant future, so I'm eager to read all about this part of your journey.

    1. I could not get pictures yesterday, but they are coming very soon! Our site was occupied and the lady was talking non-stop. This weekend, I will try to get some (if it is not raining)

    2. No rush, I'm sure you have a million other things on your mind right now. When you do get settled, I'm eager to hear all about RV living. Having only used ours for short vacations (longest being 12 days) I wonder how it would be living in it for months at a time.