Tuesday, March 7, 2017

RV Living

I have been thinking about living in the RV lately while I paint, packing and driving.  With the renovations we are planning, I am really excited about it - maybe a little too excited, but looking forward to it for sure.

There have been several people in my real life that have expressed great interest.  Whether it be because they are interested or just plain curious how we are doing it. I have found some vlogs and a couple of blogs about living full time, but most are older without children, and those with children have a more alternative lifestyle that we care to have - which is fine, we all have to live how we feel is best!

I have been thinking mostly about how our days will look and where our very pared down things will go.  Trying to make it comfortable for my family while also thinking about my needs with bouts of depression and my horrible back problems.

Although we are getting rid of many things, we downsized just at 3 years ago from a 4,300 sq ft house, to a 2,044 sq.ft house.  Our new home will be around 2,200 sq. ft, but the RV has about 250 sq. ft.

I am wondering...

Will living in a RV be too difficult for us, and we end up renting a place?

Will we get so used to the pared down lifestyle, that the house will feel cumbersome?

Will we be able to save as much as we think or will we spend more for entertainment to get out more?

Will we argue more?

Will the kids get depressed?

Will we instead become closer, instead further apart?

Will we all learn to live and want less?

Will we begin to fully understand gratitude and peace through sacrifice and "making due"?

So many wonderful and scary things, but this is only a few months of living and I think that despite all - we all will come away with a great story to tell!

I do have before pictures of the RV, so I will post those when I post what we have done with them.  Most is going to be about adding storage.  I will have a special one just for the kitchen and cooking portion however, it seems to be the area we are talking about the most!

Well, those walls won't paint themselves! 


  1. I think this will be an exciting time for you. Also, because you know that it will only be for a short time I think that you guys will get through it just fine. I always do better when I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. I do as well - when there is an end goal - the trouble always seems worth it. Plus, we will go look at the house being built daily.

  2. It will be challenging, sure, but you're pursuing your dreams and the kids will have great memories. "Remember when we lived in the RV?"

    1. I know - I smile when I think about that!

  3. Think of it as an adventure! We also have an RV and I've often thought it might be fun to live in it. Since I don't see that happening any time soon, I will live vicariously through you!

    1. Oh, I do - it is the teens that are not! I think of everything as an adventure though - they roll their eyes! LOL