Wednesday, March 15, 2017


We all have 'em, we all deal with 'em, what do we do with 'em?


OK, I have some neighbors directly across the street from us that are just clueless.  It has affected my kids, my husband, me, my customers - all complain.  The main thing is they park their cars all along the road and it blocks the ability for us and the people next door to us to get out of our driveways sometimes and we have to back out over the yard and sidewalk.

They have teens that are, shall we say, popular, and all their teen friends bring their cars and hang out.  Loud, teen parties - often - going into the night.

The day of the garage sale, I had a customer come over to pick up a quilt.  The teen across the street and her friend decided to layout in the back of a pick up truck with their legs facing the road.  It put their crotches at eye level.  My customer was appalled and said it was inappropriate.  My husband didn't want to go outside to pick up the garage sale items, even my daughter was embarrassed by it.

Then yesterday, a customer came to pick up a quilt, the teen's boyfriend decided to pull up in his huge pick up truck and sit in front of their driveway and wait for her.  Only he sat in the middle of the road where no one could pass.  Then the teen got in and they just sat there.  My customer had to park at the next door neighbors to get to me.

Just annoying as all get out.  There are other things - phallic symbols painted in the driveway, constantly getting yard rolled so I am picking up the trash because it blows in our yard (because they don't pick it up).  Just annoying things like that. 

I hope they keep it together while we are selling!

For other news, there was a house similar in size, similar in in asking price - literally right down the street from us.  They are in contract within 6 days of putting it on the market.

Crossing fingers!


  1. Always that one neighbour who acts like a self-entitled so-and-so and ruins it for everyone else. Ugh. Fingers crossed that you get a sale as quickly as your neighbours did - teens or no teens! x

  2. UGH! Neighbors are just the worst! I think we'd be perfectly happy to stay in this little house on the edge of town if it weren't for our only direct neighbor. They are renters and basically have a little wrecking yard going on. Old junk cars and trailers in driveway and on shoulder. Tires and parts piled up. We knew it was there, but they've definitely gotten worse since we moved in. Their teenage daughter literally parks out in the street and you have to drive out in the other side of street to get by her car. The only good thing is that they are hardly ever home, so at least it's a quiet mess :/

  3. We have been very luck on the neighbor front. Not being able to get into my driveway would drive me batty! I do see more and more cars in the street as our neighborhood "grows up" and the kids are getting their drivers licenses, but no blocked driveways.