Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Work Woes

Today and almost every day for the next 2 weeks minimum is all about work.  Sadly.  I want to look at ways to maximize space in the RV, look for ways to save money on the new house, as well as research and decide on the building materials.

However, I have to get done with these quilts!

I finished #3 today.  We have been dealing with my son's accident, so that slowed me down somewhat, but the real reason is Pellon changed how they made the interfacing I use.

I use Pellon PF44 Interfacing for my quilts.  It stabilizes the stretchiness of the tshirts while leaving them very soft - it was great.

These quilts use a ton of it though - almost 25 to 35 yards per quilt.  Over the weekend, I ran out, so I toddled over to Joann's to get some more.  Bonus - it is on sale for 50% off.  Perfect and I have a coupon from the calendar for $20 off of $60 - even better.

Then Tuesday, I go to start ironing quilt #4.  Um, the interfacing is sticking my iron, gumming it up and not sticking to the shirt at all.  Crap. I got a bad batch - so I thought.

I went to a store across town this morning because they had a ton and I thought maybe they have some older ones.  Not a chance.  The person that worked there did not realize Pelon had changed the way the made it, but sure enough, she noticed as well.  I am screwed up one side and down the other.  This interfacing is paramount to my business.

No other interfacing is similar - there are others, but they are thicker AND triple the price.

When I got home, I wrote Pellon, as well as Joanns about my extreme disappoint.  It won't do any good though, I had to figure out how to use this stuff.

It seems as though I have to cut it to size before I iron (pain in the ass) and then use a damp press cloth.  Yes, this gets it to stay, but not as well.  It peels off very easily, unlike the way it was before.  I have to do it way though - I have no choice.

So, what used to take me 1 to 1.5 hours for 30-40 shirts will now take me about 4-5 hours, if not more.  Reason being some shirts require multiple press times because of their size not to mention that the ironing has to be SLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWWEEEEEEERRRRRR.

Not good at this point.

PLUS, a customer who I promised do embroider names on her troops uniforms, brought me about 120 patches to sew on!  I have the hardest time saying no, especially when we could use the money.  ARGH!  No time, no time.

Darrell said he was worried about how bored I will be once we get in the RV and the business will be done.  (He is dreaming - this business will never be done!)  I told him that I am so looking forward to a slower time. I have been too busy for more than a year now.  It is affecting my health, our relationship, my relationship with my children - everything.  Even if a rough adjustment, I am looking forward to it more than he knows.

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