Monday, April 24, 2017

RV Menu for the week

So far, we have really tried NOT to change how we cook based on living in the RV, just modify it to accommodate with what we have available.

Luckily, we utilized a crock pot and toaster oven frequently even at our stick and bricks, so this transition was smooth.  However, the toaster oven is our ONLY oven now, so we have to think about quantity when planning.  I won't be baking a french loaf any time soon, but we can pre-cut the baguette and toast the smaller pieces.  Not truly the same, but if we are absolutely craving a baguette and the italian food to go with it, we will just go out to eat (1 x per week max).

The RV stove top so far has cooked great, but larger skillet meals, I have an electric skillet for.  It is interesting, I am not used to cooking electrically.  We have always had gas.  The camper stove does not get hot enough for skillet meals though.

So, here is our menu for this week!

Sunday - Hamburger Soup (crock pot)
Monday - Grilled Southwest Chicken, spanish rice and beans (grill and stove top)
Tuesday - Spaghetti, Salad and Bread (stove top and toaster oven)
Wednesday - Pancakes, Eggs and Bacon  (electric skillet, stove top and microwave)
Thursday - Green Beans, Hamburger Meat and Tomatoes skillet meal, Warm applesauce and bread (electric skillet, toaster oven, microwave)
Friday - Out to eat
Saturday - Chicken Pot Pie, salad (toaster oven)
Sunday - Roast, Dilled New Potatoes, Broccoli (crock pot, stove top and microwave)

We set every Friday as an out to eat while we are on the RV.  We need to get out a bit and it is a reward for cooking in all other times.  Breakfast and lunch are in or packed. 

Every day, it gets a little easier and a little easier to live here.  So much so that I am putting off going to work today!  I need to get going though.


  1. will you be doing outdoor grilling?

    1. Yes, the chicken tonight is outdoor grilling. We are trying to eat down the meat we had. Mostly inside stuff.

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