Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We've got mail!

A couple of weeks ago, we put a temporary mailbox on our land (I think I talked about it.)

It took almost 10 days, but we are finally getting our mail!  YEAH!!  I thought they may not deliver to an undeveloped piece of land, but they are!  We sent something off as well, so we are moving forward!

I have not talked about my work much.  Well, we rented one of the climate controlled storage rooms for me to finish up.  It is not ideal.  There are no windows, it is very limited on climate controlled - basically it protects from extremes, but not for someone to work in.  I sweat, but I do have a fan going.  I only work 3 hours a day because of this.

So, far, I have finished 2 quilts, I am sandwiching 2 tomorrow, that leaves 2 left - which I SHOULD finish up next week.  However, one customer is dead set on bringing me one more.  I am giving her an ultimatum later this week.  So, either way I have to be done by the 14th of May.  That is when the lease is up on the room.  I am NOT renewing for one quilt.  I want to be done with the business, so I can focus on homeschooling and building this home. 

I am waiting to hear from the lender about our appraisal as well.  Literally, cannot think about anything else.  It is due today, so we could hear at any moment.

This is biting my nails anxious!


  1. Congrats on your first mail delivery! Any news on your appraisal? I'd be anxious too!

  2. I love your title ... I can still hear the scratchy sound of the internet connecting and the "bing, bing" followed by the, "You've got mail!" announcement.

    Glad you are getting mail and making progress on your quilts!

    1. LOL - that is exactly what I was thinking about when I wrote it. I love quoting movies.