Friday, April 7, 2017

Weekly Update - Week 10

Well, I skipped last week since my sister came in and we went to Round Top.  I am still loving what I bought and I cannot wait until the house is done so you can see them in a better light.

Things are moving right along at break neck speed and show no signs of stopping, but there is a big light at the end of the tunnel. 

I had a little break down at the beginning of the week.  I think I needed it.  My head got more clear and I was able to focus on what was important.  Darrell stepped up his game as well taking care of some of the little things (that build up to be big things) that needed to get done and has cooked every night this week.  We have not eaten out once.

OK, here goes!

1.  Suburban House - The inspection was done and the buyers wanted us to repair everything on the report - they would pay, but we had to repair before closing.  I am happy to say, the repairs are done.  Check that one off.    The appraiser has come, but I have not heard word yet.  I am hoping to hear something today.

Packing will start in earnest this weekend, we move in one week.  I still have to sell 2 desks and a kitchen table - that needs to happen this weekend.

2. Land Home - Well, well, well.  This category has jumped into high gear.  We finalized the plans for the house, electricity and outside views.  This was enough to get the ball rolling on the loan.  Yesterday they asked for our preferred Title Company, so I assume things are rolling along nicely.  They also have been in talks with our builder and it is good on that end. 

We signed for HOA approval on our house and shed build.  That will take 30 days. 

A couple of guys tried to get on the land to do the soils testing, but the underbrush is too thick, so they have to go back with machetes next week.  Once we have the results from this, we can start clearing while the foundation plan is in the works.  Then we can lay the pads.  This is where I pray weather works for us.  We need a week minimum of good weather for this pad to set.  Then it has to dry for a couple of weeks before we start with the framing.  Our builder told us mid-May, so it seems like the loan will be closed before then.

Our builder gave us a list of items he wants us to decide on BEFORE we lay the pad.  Things like brick, stone, ceiling for the patio, trim color, window sashing color, windows themselves, and garage door.  I asked for an extension since we are waiting on the loan in order to get my business closed and us settled in the RV.  He was so nice and said I could - no rush.

However, I am itching to look at bricks and Darrell was already taking off work for the trip to DC that was cancelled, so we are going to look at bricks while he is off.   Most of the places to look are only open during the week anyway and I don't want to make this decision by myself.

3. RV Living - Oh boy, we are thinking about this!  Darrell finalized the shelves and have them secured to the floor.  I went to Ikea and bought the cabinet that will house the kitchen appliances and be used as a countertop for the coffee pot and any cooking appliance we need.  The kitchen in the RV has ZERO counterspace. 

I also bought the Poang Chairs we are going to use and the little bag we are hanging on them fit perfectly!  I could not have planned that better.  The kids and Darrell will build the furniture this weekend, clean up the RV, make the beds and the kids are putting up their pictures in their bunk areas to make it feel more like home to them.

We also hung a paper towel holder and put a arm on the TV so it can hang and be out of the way, yet swing in almost any direction.  It looks great!  Pictures coming soon - I promise!

4. Business - It is what it is and I am doing the best I possibly can.  I finished Quilt #3 and 13 embroidery names.  I ran into a BIG problem with the interfacing, so it took me a couple of days to figure out how to work with it.  I am back in business now (though hating this interfacing) and 1/2 finished with #4.  I have precut #5 and plan on getting done with #4 & #5 by Monday.

I still have 5 more to go and 150+ patches.  I know it will get done whether here or on the RV.  I have given up that it is going to happen here.  It does not mean I am not going to work like crazy, but I am not fooling myself either.  I will just have to make the best of it until this is all done.

I could never have predicted the house would sell so fast, nor that they buyers would want such a quick closing, but that is what happened, so there will be adjustments made for working on the RV.

5.  Homeschool - I am adding this back in because my mind in on this!   I cut shirts and fabric and think about homeschool (bad idea).  We went to the library yesterday while the repair guy turned off the electricity and water and I made them get at least one book.  We need some work - my daughter used to get the max allowable (holding my head in shame).  So, history and math is starting up the week after we move.  I have already decided.  It is easy to start that up, it does not take much from me and The schedule is already set. 

The plan is to use the rec room at the RV place most days, library once a week and have lighter Fridays for getting out and about.   All of this is semi-mute though until I get done with the business.

Well, in a nutshell, that is it.  Lots of tiny, little things that go along with it, but this is the big overview.  This is my first slow morning this week, so I am nursing my second cup of coffee and trying to myself going.  This going full throttle every day is wearing on me.  That will change soon enough - this little list goes to two items very soon.

I hope you all have a great weekend - tell me what is going on with you - any big projects?

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