Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weekly Update - Week 12

Well, I missed a couple of Fridays, but that is because we were moving, then I had no internet!  It has been whirlwind like.

1.  Suburban House - We closed on Friday, the 21st!  We no longer own the suburban house!  WHEW!  I feel a weight lifted!  The buyers left a gift of cookies for us and a very nice note.  Goes to show you that its the realtors that create all the drama.   This item will drop off the list from here on.

2. Land Home - Well, we now have county approval for clearing and building.  We are waiting on HOA Approval.  Last Tuesday, we met the builder at Acme Brick and chose our brick for the house.  We got the full size plans for the house - pretty cool and mind boggling.

We did get beginning mail at the mail box, but have yet to receive any forwarded mail.  I hope they still deliver even though the land is still uncleared.
As for the loan, this is where are neck deep in.  We have been initially approved, but are waiting for the appraisal - which is so odd.  They look at the plans and imagine what the house will look like and then try to get an appraisal from thin air.  Problem - our house is a little unusual, so there are no comps that even come close.  I am holding my breath.  Since the sale of the Suburban home was a self-impose contingency, things on the loan should move a little more quickly now.

3. RV Living - Well, we moved in on Good Friday.  Every day has gotten a little easier since we now have wifi and we added additional stabilizers.
This morning, we had 3 cups of coffee on the deck, came in for a tomato and bacon sandwich (no lettuce available), made a menu, then they went grocery shopping while I went to work.  Then I got to a stopping point, came back to the RV and we sat on the deck listening to the birds, watching the squirrels and reading the rest of the afternoon until it got too cold to continue sitting outside.

How I spent my afternoon

 So much stress has been released, it is amazing.  I cannot remember the last time I read a book on a Sunday afternoon.  It was lovely.

4. Business - I renting a space in the same storage place as all our stuff.  It is not ideal, but I am getting the work done.  I am on Quilt #7 of 11.

I should get done with 2 more this week, so it is coming along nicely.  I wanted to be done before we moved into the RV, but it rarely works out as first planned.
Last quilt finished

5.  Homeschool - We have semi-started homeschooling again.  It is tough because I still have work that is no longer where I am living, but off site.  They are doing math and I will probably start history and literature this week as well.  We still need to add in writing, vocabulary, science, Latin and poetry.

I know that is it in a very small nutshell - so much else happened, but in hindsight seems small.  I will try to post more often now!

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