Monday, April 3, 2017

Teary and hormonal

Today is my emotional cry it out and then pull up your big girl britches day.

The stress of all of this is intense! 

To give you an idea of what we are going through (I need to write it as therapy, really)

1. Darrell's father is going through 8 weeks of radiation for prostate cancer.

2. Darrell's step father just found out his only functioning lung lobe has two spots of cancer.

3.  My last grandparent was just diagnosed with COPD and had recurring melanoma.

4.  My son had a wreck on Friday and is shaken, but not hurt and now without a car.  The wreck was his fault, so no money is coming in.

5.  The appraiser is coming tomorrow and there is stress because the offer we accepted is over market value.

6. The buyers want us to repair everything on the inspection report.  They are paying, but I have to manage the contractors.

7. Keeping up with constant doctor appointments - ortho, chiro, dental, well checks, etc

8. Trying to find my college boy a place to live over the summer

9.  The constant decisions that have to be made to build this house - I mean obscure things you would never imagine.  Picking a brick from 10 possible choices is nothing - easy - which I have limitless choices and have to find it myself.  Deciding where you want every outlet, light and plumbing pipes from a 2D paper is insanely difficult.

10. We have started the lending process and problem #1 has arisen.  The address with the post office and the tax office is different.  Sigh.

11. We lost electricity of the RV storage, so doing the renovations was challenging and we did not get much done, but have to move out in less than 2 weeks.

12.  Which leads to the packing issue - since we have to put so much in storage, what exactly we need to take to the RV is interesting and requires a great deal of forethought.

13.  Trying to finish 8 quilts in 2 weeks, 120 patches to sew, 13 names to embroider. 

I am going insane. My husband has decided to have a period of selfishness, so I am holding the bag on all of this.  Yes, we are talking about it, and yes, he will pull up his big boy britches up soon as well.  Only I don't get the luxury of being selfish and becoming absent. 

Even though I cannot seem to stop crying today, I am emailing people, working on quilts, making dinner, running to the bank, and still making decisions. 

So, today is the day I am allowing myself to wallow in these feelings.  I can cry, get it all out.  Then tomorrow, I will be back in the game.


  1. No wonder you are stressed and crying. Even without a hormonal meltdown, that is enough to make even a person with a husband on board cry! Be careful you don't make things worse by hurrying too much when you are tired.

  2. That's a lot to handle! Hoping some relief from all the stress comes your way soon.