Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 13 Update

It has been a slow week this week, lots of waiting for word, and honestly, we are still waiting, but it is not so anxious kind of waiting.

We are down to 4 topics!  WOO-HOO!

1) Land Home - As you know, the appraisal came back well over what we are paying for it.  Which is good news for us (good for the lender as well).   We are now waiting on the title company to get some things to the lender, then we will close.  We hope it is next week.

Our builder is getting everything together to really start going when we close.  He asked about the metal building requirements and said we will clear the land very soon. 

We got our first bit of mail and are continuing to change the address for everything we can think of - bills, insurance, family, etc.

2) RV Living - well, in ways we are adjusting better than I thought, but others, not so well.

What I love - The time it takes to clean, how we spend more time outside, how our good planning had us pack exactly what we needed.  There has not been much we had to buy - a few things, some organizational things, a very small bathroom rug, a mixing bowl (forgot to bring one), and command strips - lots of them. 

What I don't love - the shower - low pressure, limited hot water - so super small as well.  We are a little on top of each other, though I am so used to the kids being around, that doesn't bother me, but it is affecting Darrell more.  The amount of dirt that gets tracked in on a daily basis.  The lack of counter space while cooking.

None of the these issues are deal breakers.  The kids and I are actually doing ok.  Our days are not too different - only my work is off site, but that will end very soon.  Darrell, however, doesn't get a shower in the morning anymore, he gets it at night.  He doesn't get to sit down and enjoy his morning coffee - he has to get going.  We would watch adult content movies in the evenings when the kids went to bed, but now we cannot.  I don't mean skin flicks, just themes that are not appropriate for children (and I am a definite prude when it comes to watching anything adult content with my kids).  So, our relaxing evenings have been messed with.

Again, I think it is harder for Darrell than me.  He is dealing though and will make the best of it - I am brainstorming how to help that a little.

3) My Business - I basically stopped working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Between going bonkers waiting for the appraisal and being in LOTS of pain, I just took off. 

I have until the 12th to get 4 quilts done.  They are small ones though and 2 are to the sandwich stage.  I will have those 2 done by Monday.  Then the other 2 WILL be done in the next 7-10 days.  That last person with the 1 more quilt is killing me.  I gave her an ultimatum this morning that she has to get the shirts to me this weekend.  I don't even think her daughters wants a quilt.  She really should wait.  But, I just heard, we are meeting on Sunday - bummer!

4) Homeschool - Well, up to now, we have done nothing, but I have planned out the next month, ordered the science curriculum - we are going to do Physics - and I am ready to start on Monday morning.

They are semi-happy about it.  They love the life leisure they have had lately, but are glad to have something to do.  Honestly, as the business goes away, so am I.

Well, that is it - slow week really, not much happening.  As soon as the land starts clearing, I will take a picture a day to show the progress.  At the end, I will try and put all the pictures in a video - like a time lapse thing.  Darrell is really excited about that!

This weekend will consist of work, work, and sitting down to do the budget.  Then more work.  What is up with you?


  1. Love to see the list get smaller! We are working through our lists as well. We still have quite a bit to do at the new house, and are also working through our list of projects at our Seattle house, which goes on the market in a couple of week. Such an exciting time of milestones!

    1. I know, smaller lists are excellent! Just when you thought you could slow down, the sell got added. Selling is so much more stressful than buying. The repairs, the listing. Luckily, you will not be living there. I am so this decision was made though, I know it will take a load off your mind!

  2. Can you still watch your movies (maybe on a laptop?) but wear headphones?

    1. Just one person at a time could - we do not have split headphones. We may need to invest in them though. I have thought about it, just no implementation yet.