Thursday, April 20, 2017

RV Showers

Ugh!  This is the only thing that turns me off about RVing.

So, the park we are in has really nice, large and private showers.  They are kept clean and the day we looked at them, they were air conditioned.

So, we took showers at the house until the very end, but the time came to break down and take the BIG shower.  You know - the shaving shower.

I woke the kids to get going because we have lots of errands today.  We gathered our bins.  Laney was dragging so Koen and I left her.  I took bleach cleaner and sprayed the showers, we still wore shoes though.

Uh oh, forgot the wash cloths.  Back to the RV to motivate Laney and get the washcloths.

Back to showers.  It was very humid due to no vent.  There is a fan, but it did not look vented.  It was also quite hot since the doors are kept shut at all times.

During the shower, I thought, "That's it, we are renting a house, I am done."

I read about this though - at about a week in, you want to give up.

So, I went back to the RV.  Koen was already done.  I told him that the was only shower we would take there, we will deal with our micro sized shower in the RV.  He agreed.

Laney came back.

She agreed.

We are staying on the RV.  It really is not bad, just the shower sucks.  However, we have a fabulous shower waiting for us at the end of this journey.

I am still typing on my phone - damn hand is numb.  No pictures until we get service.  We have signed the contract, just waiting for an install date.


  1. Ahh! I remember RV showers except we only had to do them a weekend or maybe a week or two at a time, but we weren't hooked up to water, so we had to really conserve by jumping in, getting wet, turning the water off, soap and shampoo, then rinse.

    1. Yeah, we still do them quick, but I leave the water on. It will work long term now that we set everything up. The good thing about the shower is it has lots of places for shampoo and soap - like 8 mini shelves. It is great!

  2. We seldom use the shower in our fifth wheel because of the humidity is caused. Ours has those "fantastic fans" which do a decent job, but even so, we still avoid using the shower. Perhaps taken showers at a different (cooler) time of the day might help.

    1. We are spacing the showers out - one person per day, except dad who uses it daily during the week. We have a "fantastic fan" too, but I have not noticed too much humidity yet. Probably because we run the AC so much.

  3. I simply cannot believe how fast you have gone from house to RV! Never mind my head spinning - I can't imagine how you all must feel, despite finally being moved in. Phew! I'm sure all the adjustment gremlins will sort themselves out soon enough. Perhaps sort out shower bags so all the bits you need are there when you go to take one? Did you mention the showers to the park landlords? Perhaps there's a problem with the air conditioning. Look forward to more adventures ;)

    1. I know - it was very fast! We are settling in. While we were sitting out this morning, we saw all the people using the showers - it was constant. I don't think it is an air conditioning problem, but just overuse. Our RV will be better!