Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I am still waiting this morning to hear from the lender about the appraisal.  It is taking over my brain and I am struggling to do anything.  It is off and on rainy with no wind and a rise in temperature, so extremely hot and muggy outside.  It makes it difficult to breath, so we are stuck in the RV today.  If the wind picks up later, I will go outside.

Since physical activity is out of the question, I think I will make lists.  LOL - yep, I am list crazy and it has been a while since I listed out anything. 

Lists to make (help me here - give me ideas, so I can take my mind off waiting)

1.  Homeschool planning

2. To-Dos around RV

3. List of places to change address with

4. Christmas list - since this is likely to be very budget-friendly, I should start brainstorming.

5. Books to read

6. Fun items to sew

7. Things I am grateful for

8. Ideas for summer fun

9. Meals ideas to prep for a YEAR Menu!  I know - insane, but I am loving this idea.

10. Create temporary budget while living in RV

Well, that should keep me busy enough researching and thinking to let the time pass. 

How do you deal with waiting for important information?

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  1. The waiting is terrible. Those lenders, underwriters and appraisers seem to work on a different time table haha.