Thursday, April 27, 2017

Homeschool Planning Day

Well, I am in quite a bit of pain today, so I am taking a break from working and have spent some time planning homeschool - at least for the next month.  I only plan one month at a time.

Our "summer break" is coming to a close, so to alleviate my guilt about not schooling during the whole buy, sell, plan process, we are going to start back up on Monday. 

When I was inputting things, it came to my attention, that we are not doing so bad after all.  They will be finishing their math books in about 3 months, which puts us right on track.  I am not too worried about everything else though.  Most classes do not actually finish their curriculum, but we are going to continue working through without regard to school years, except for math.

In my son's writing book, I noticed that we ended on a lesson about Julius Caesar's time with the pirates.  At the end of the lesson, there is an elocution portion that requires 2 students to read an excerpt from William Shakespeare, so I am having the kids do that this evening for Dad.

I LOVE getting back into this!

Since I still have the business to finish, we are not starting everything right away.  I have the room until May 12th and even if I finish early, we will hold off some things until that date.

What they are starting with:

1. Math - Pre-algebra for both of them
2. Grammar
3. Vocabulary
4. Writing
5. Sentence Diagramming
6. History combines with Literature
7. Poetry unit (Fridays only)

We will add Latin and Science mid May.

Though I was dreading this, I am excited about all they will learn again.  I think my mind is finally clearing enough to bring some joy back into our lives. 

This is such a good thing!


  1. If I did homeschooling these would be my subjects:. Math, algebra, writing,reading, history, and maybe grammar. My kids would not get ant foreign language, no arts or music and probably not science unless it was chemistry or something like that. I am so not multifaceted. I admire how you can do these.

    1. It is all by curriculum! I basically am told what to do, but I modify it all based on my kids' interest. I farm out the arts. We will do an art appreciation, but neither are particularly inclined to the arts. How I am getting around it is daughter wants guitar lessons - done, there is the art. My son will do a filming class since he is interested in programming and computers. Anything I don't want to teach - I farm out. The Latin is only because hubs and I wish we had taken it, so I am learning with them - it is tough!