Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our decision

Where our realtor is coming from, we went into contract on March 20th.  She says the agreement was for 30 days.  Well, on or before April 21st.

This was the shortest closing date we received, and our realtor said it would be tight and encouraged us to wait to move until the very end because the closing date might get pushed back.

So, we focused on my work and the RV rather than moving so much.  But with the new build, and booking the RV spot, etc - time went so quickly.

We had planned to move out this coming weekend - everything but my office.  I was going to continue working here through Thursday (the 20th), the same day the cleaners are coming for the final and deep clean.  The buyers could walk through Friday morning before we closed AND I got this cleared with my realtor.

This is where I got upset.

She told me yesterday that the buyers wanted to close on Thursday and would be walking through on Wednesday.  WHAT!?!??!?!  (Um, I thought the house was still mine until we closed and I would have to agree on the walk through - not them tell me.)

That means I have to be out by Tuesday and the cleaners would not be there, etc.  Plus, Darrell cannot get off work - he has client meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday - like big name oil company meetings - ones you cannot get out of kind of meetings.

Our realtor then said what about Wednesday afternoon.  Darrell does not get off until 5:30 or so.  Good grief.

I just stopped talking to her at that point.


So, Darrell and I talked about it last night and he went through his tirade.  Nothing brings a couple together like fighting an enemy!  LOL

We are tired of constantly reacting to other people's decisions and decided to take this move in our own hands. 

In all honestly, we are done with the house - it is a complete echo everywhere.  My kids are on mattresses on the floor, we are really gone in our minds.  It sucks for my work, but we are done.

We are moving out this weekend and I will work until Monday here.  We changed the cleaners to Monday afternoon and I will completely move out Monday evening.   The RV will not be completely ready, but it is 80% right now.  It will be fine.

We told the realtor we can close on Tuesday or Friday afternoon and that is it.  I have not heard back from her.

As for my business, I am crazy busy.  I am finishing this one quilt I started which is #4 of 10.  As for the rest, I am getting them all to the sandwich phase - which is the top, batting and bottom put together and pinned - ready for quilting.

For designing, I have to lay all the pieces on the floor and also with sandwiching, I have to lay it out on the floor.  This is impossible in the RV.  As for the quilting and binding, well, I need a machine, an iron and a cutting mat.  I will have to sew outside in a tent, but the quilts will never touch the ground.

That is the plan at this point. So, in all honesty, it is probably my last post until we are on the RV.  I am taking a little more time this morning, but I am going to be too busy to breath until next week. 

I hope you all have a great week - I cannot wait to hear about all your excursions and thinking!


  1. sounds like a good plan, since you are already mostly packed and moved out. 30 days is quick to close. Our sale was supposed to be 30 days, but ended up going an extra few days past.

  2. I completely understand the feeling of just being done with the house. I remember feeling that way when we first listed. The rest was just going through the emotions.
    I'll miss your posts in the coming week, but understand your time constraints. Will eagerly look forward to your update! Wishing you the best for the upcoming stressful week ahead of you.