Monday, May 1, 2017

Awkwardness and Menus

We started the homeschooling again this morning.  One word.  Awkward!

It feels odd because we eat, entertain and work in the exact same place on this RV, so it feels odd.  I gave them a choice this morning of where to school.  I may not give them a choice again.  I think it would be better in the rec room where our beds are not 2 feet next us and the lure of electronics are not so compelling.

They are getting into it though.  I just found out that I either threw away or packed the 1st 5 lessons of history.  Sigh.  We will just read and answer questions the best we can.  Luckily, I kept the other 31 weeks of lessons, so not too bad.

This week's dinners were planned with a hectic week in mind since Darrell will be getting home a little later due to some deadlines and our week starting homeschool, but me still trying to finish work and the land beginning to clear, doctor appointments, etc.

Sunday, Chicken Pot Pie with salad (Toaster oven)
Monday - Potatoes, green beans and sausage (Crock Pot)
Tuesday -  Steak, Asparagus, salad, bread (Grill)
Wednesday - Cheesy jalapeno Chicken, rice and broccoli (Electric Skillet, rice cooker, microwave)
Thursday - Chili  (crock pot)
Friday - French Bread pizza (toaster oven)
Saturday - Roast, Tomato/Cucumber salad, roasted potatoes (crock pot, toaster oven)

We are moving on along!  What are you eating this week?

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