Thursday, July 6, 2017

Electric Walkthrough and pictures

This morning, I got up early to do a walk-through with the builder for the electrical work - outlets, lights, fans, etc.

It was interesting.  Code now states that there MUST be an outlet on every wall - and I mean every single wall no matter how small or useless seeming.   The reason being is that cords will not be strung across walk ways. Whatever.  But no codes on the number of lights thank goodness.

I added an outlet to the mantle so I can put lights on it for Christmas for sure, but maybe other times.  I also added an outlet to our master bedroom closet since we are putting in a dressing area.  We may want to charge our phones there or something.  That was all I added.

Now, for placement, I changed the outlets in the backsplash to be low and horizontal.  So in general the appliances will cover them.  I also moved one outlet outside for the fountain. 

We talked about door swings and we ran into a problem with the laundry room door.  In order to get in or out of the coat closet, you would have to go into the laundry room and shut the door.  If it swung the other way, then you would have to go completely in and shut the door to get into the freezer.  We ultimately decided that the door would have to swing into the hall way, but if someone came in from outside (there is an exit door through the laundry room), they might hit someone walking.  Nevertheless, the swing into the hallway was the best choice.  I am going to put a single french door so you can see through it before opening. I don't mind it being open to the laundry - we do not pile laundry up in there anyway.  I may frost the windows to give them an opaque look, but since there will be french doors at the entrance, I felt this was the best choice.

I promised pictures of some rooms of the house - here you go!

Garage - The box for the stairs platform going up to the loft

Loft Door Framing

Patio from the "front" door - not the french doors.

Patio from the garage door

French door entrance to the house and my office

Foyer and entrance to the rest of the home.

Living room with tray ceiling and corner fireplace, built in shelves

Looking into kitchen from living room.

Storage room looking up to our tankless water heater

Master Bathroom

Another bathroom looking from a secondary bedroom

Side door that goes into the laundry room

They finally cleaned up!

I know it looks so large - it is a narrow and long house though.  The living area is only 2,247 sq ft.  Yes, large still, really, but it looks larger than it actually is.  The patio, however, is 821 sq. ft just by itself!

Next step is starting to work on the roof, getting the HVAC and the electrical work done, then the low voltage work.  In the meantime, we will pick cabinets and I am looking into ceiling fans and lighting.


  1. That patio looks amazing! Fun seeing the pictures of the house in progress.

    1. Thank you - it is beyond amazing! Wait until you see the ceiling - plus, it is all screened in.

  2. So excited for you! Could you have put in a pocket door to the laundry room? Just a thought!

    1. No, we could not. There is no room for it. :(

  3. It looks so great!! So much progress in just the last few weeks!

    1. I know - it is really amazing. Even more happened today, but it was too rainy to take a picture. I am doing that patio the Florida way - screening it in!

  4. With the mosquitoes in AL. all patios and porches should be screened! It all looks great. Make sure you have plenty of outlets on the patio, too. If I had a screened in patio, I would use the crockpot out there, the dehydrator, lots of things in a place that large and usable. Are you putting in outdoor ceiling fans?

    I cannot wait to see pictures and the work progresses.

    1. You better believe it - 4 fans them actually. And 5 outlets in the patio.

    2. Speaking of outlets, put in lots over the counters since they now make appliances with six inch cords! Really, they are not six inches, but way too short for me and the amount of outlets over my counters. The fools even put an outlet over the stove!

      Your patio will be a marvelous addition to living space, very comfortable and usable with fans and outlets.

    3. I did! I also lowered them and made them horizontal.