Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fried Green Tomatoes and Neurology Tour

It has been a slow day.   I was able to sleep in a bit - after an especially rough night of trying to sleep.  That is 4 nights in a row for me - I need sleep really badly.

Anyway, nothing really happened until around lunch.  I was able to meet with the builder and talk about doors and lights.  Nothing earth shattering, I was just concerned about the lighting in the master bathroom and the 2 - 1/2 lite doors in the laundry room and our bathroom.

It was wonderful that I got to meet with him because he told me that we are just about 2 months out from being done!  WOW!!!  That lit a fire under me again.  Counting down the days!

When I got back, the internet was down, so the kids could not watch their history show and that meant I could not "work". 

What do I decide to do?  Watch Fried Green Tomatoes.  I cry every single time I watch it, but I love it.  My daughter said that it was so southern and it made me feel a little bad that she does not know her roots very much.  Not that I love everything about the south, but there are some things that are just wonderful - warm tomatoes, getting so hot and jumping in the lake, iced watermelon, sticky tar, the smell of summer in the warm, moist evening, chasing bats at dusk...

This movie in a particular reminds me of all that - the good stuff.

We also prepared for our field trip tomorrow - an encouragement tour at a Neurological Hospital, making encouragement cards and talking about some of the people we will meet, how to behave, etc. Since we fall under the older student crowd (yeah!), we get a more in-depth talk about neurological issues and accidents that cause many.  Good stuff - always means more coming from another source than parents when they are teens.

Because ALL my crafting items are in storage, we had to get pre-cut cards and tags, then used stickers to decorate and a paint pen to write a encouraging quote.  It will have to do.  Otherwise, I probably would have sewn something.  Like the Christmas card I did a couple of years ago.

Anyway, I need to figure out what we are going to have for dinner and get ready to back to the house to approve all the electrical work and take pictures.  We are getting insulation tomorrow! 


  1. Only 2 more months?! That is amazing! Could this mean pumpkins by your new front door? Woo hoo!

    1. I know! Just in time to enjoy the cool months! Perfect timing before the holidays and all!

  2. I recently read Fried Green Tomatoes for the first time, so I had to watch the movie too! I enjoyed them both and I'm not Southern. :)

    It's good to remember the fun things from childhood ... we ran wild in the country in the summer! Sunburns, lake swimming, staying out well after dark, catching fireflies to put in mayonnaise jars, scratching mosquito bites. Now, I'm paranoid that my kids will get skin cancer, a brain eating amoeba or West Nile. And it's no longer socially acceptable to put little bugs in glass jars where they die.

    1. LOL! That is true - skin cancer doesn't bother me so much - the sunscreen is much better than it used to be. But, my husband asked if I would let them jump in a lake and I said NO!emphatically.

      That is funny about the fireflies (lightening bugs)- I used to squeeze the bottom to get the glow-in-the-dark stuff out and we would smear it on ourselves and other things. Gross, but so much fun!

  3. We let the lightening bugs out before the died. Kids in the South could never say they had nothing to do because they could sit down and pull the tar off their feet if bored.