Friday, July 28, 2017

Week 26 Update

6 months, 1/2 a year.  WOW!  Had I known what we were in for would I still do it?  Yes, I would.  It is a very tough process - this whole living in an RV and building an extremely custom home, but I still believe the outcome will be worth it.

6 months.  I have been told that we are moving through this very fast, that with most people, it takes a lot longer.  Honestly, I am not sure how they do it, but they are probably not living in a RV with teenagers.  Their lives probably did not change too much in the process.

I cannot get pictures until this weekend.  Funny, the really neat things tend not to happen until Friday, plus people are working there from early morning to almost dark, so it is difficult to get pictures until the weekend when everyone is gone.

Our New Home - This week the water well was put in.  They cut down some trees which upset us as they offered a lot of shade to the house and truly, it was not necessary.  But, we have water now, so that is a wonderful thing.

The electrical work that goes in the walls was finished and the drywall (sheetrock) started going up on Thursday. 

The barnwood beams were put in and look amazing - I cannot wait to see them with the drywall!

We decided on the grout color for the brick and the mason put up a little snippet of a wall for us to look at - we are thrilled!  It is better than we imagined!  It goes with our stone so well and is amazing.  The mason should be putting up the stone and brick starting next week.

We went and picked out cabinets (finally - it is very late - builder's issue).  I think I am going to change the door style though.  We went in with a very specific design in mind and I don't know how she did it, but she talked us both into something more ornate that I do not think we will like after all.  Still, the main layout has been decided and we can move forward.  About 3 weeks until cabinets are installed.

RV Living - We are just getting by.  Even my husband has now lost his verve now.  So, we agreed, this is a "just get through" time.  It is what it is - saves us a ton of money and allows us to be close to the build.  It is less than 2 months now, so we are sticking it out.  Because, my daughter starts a camp next week that goes for 2 weeks.  Then they are off to my sister's.  DH is off that week and we will be painting and putting in flooring for the loft at that time.

When the kids get back, we probably have to go to Mississippi to help clean out my grandmother's house.  Then College Boy goes back to school, we start homeschooling - in the loft, so we are at the house.  This point is September and just a few weeks from moving in, so it will be fine, we have enough to keep us occupied. 

PLUS, DH's step-father may pass away.  He is in hospice and on DNR.  It is literally just a matter of time. 

Homeschooling - I honestly thought I would not have anything to write, but we are only a month away from getting started again.

We joined this new homeschool group that seems like a good fit, but they need to get the teen thing going - so guess who is spearheading it.  Yep - me.  Since we are not in a house yet, I am just setting things up, but I will be sponsoring a Teen-Led Newspaper/Newsletter.  So far, there are about 7 teens interested, so a good response! We will have journalistic reporting, editorials, features, photography, art, and a fictional story or poetry.  I would like them to do reviews, interviews and anything they can think of.  I really believe I will have to hand feed them at first until their confidence is built, then they can take over. 

In homeschool, some kids tend to "take over" quickly, so I have to be aware from the get go.  They all need a chance to experience several aspects of this - every one needs to interview at some point - even the artists and photographers.

I am also going to have a speech day once a quarter where kids can practice giving speeches.

Socially, I am on the committee for a teen dance this fall and once I get to know everyone, I will press for more social events.

My Business - Yes, I am still going with that one as well.  I have a waiting list of 20 quilts now and a large order of police key fobs. 

I also ordered 30 sweatshirt material lap blankets that I can embroider on for the Christmas season.  There is a Fall Market I would like to attend, but we will see if I have enough time to make things.

So, as you can see, things are starting to ramp up again - soon I will be back to the crazy busy life!


  1. I'm not sure if I missed this info or maybe you never said - but what did you guys do with all your "stuff" while your house is being built?

    1. We sold a bunch of things, but we have what we kept in 2 storage sheds. One climate controlled for our mattresses, clothing, furniture, and my business things. Then the other non-climate controlled for our garage things and anything that was not required for climate control. We were hoping that our shed would get done before this so we could cut down on one storage shed, but it is not done yet.

    2. if we have to sell our house first (assuming we will, even though I make enough to cover both mortgages and fall under their % guidelines) we'll have to store a bunch of stuff. At least most of it's still on pallets in the shop. We will be having the builder do our shop first, if that's the case.


    3. Where did you find a climate controlled storage shed?

    4. There are lots of climate controlled storage shed in our area. Houston has a LOT of storage sheds.

    5. You are smart for doing your shed first - it was not an option for us. HOA rules.

    6. Is this a shed you moved onto your property? There are lots of facilities around here that are climate controlled. They are all buildings with multiple rooms.

    7. No, we cannot. HOA rules say no buildings before the one you live in. You can do it in tandem which was what we were trying to do, but the place we are ordering our barn (shed) lost a concrete guy, so we are hold right now.

  2. Rotate the newspaper jobs through the students, so they all get experience...what you tell them. It is, of course, so no one takes over.