Sunday, July 2, 2017

90% Dream Home

Lately, more and more I have been told, asked, berated, etc about building our "dream" home.

Dream home.  That phrase is actually on the verge of being offensive for me.  It denotes the kind of home that are longed for in a wild way - the most grandiose and flashy.  The most wanted of fixtures, floor plans, etc.

DIY Television show taut the "dream" home - and the ooo's and ahhh's commence. 

Unfortunately, I cannot wrap my head around a dream home.  The stuff of my dreams don't actually include a house.

Darrell thinks I am over-thinking it and people are happy/jealous that we are building a truly custom home.  I don't know - maybe.  I get the feeling that because we are building custom, I am not allowed to not like something or complain about it.

See, I compromised on a TON of things because of our budget.  The laundry room is small, our master bath is a nice size, but on the small side, all the bedrooms are on the small side for our area, the pantry in the kitchen is minuscule, but we have storage elsewhere so it will work.  I wanted cathedral ceiling, but settled with a tray. 

Yes, these are all above and beyond the normal living type things, I am not debating that.  This is just not a dream home.  It is a home designed for us to fit within a set budget.

Definitely not something dreams are made of, but it is the closest we will ever get to a house made for us. 

So, when people start talking about our "dream" home - I am going to call it the 90% dream home.


  1. I agree! Just tell them yes, it's my "within my budget dream home" LOL

  2. I agree with both you and your husband. I would look aghast and say, "This is no dream since I worked hard for this day/house. If I were dreaming it would have an indoor pool and a pool boy." Okay, maybe you could leave off the "pool boy."

    I have such a miniscule bathroom that I wonder what size you call "small." I cannot even get a walker in mine.