Monday, July 31, 2017

Let's talk sheds

When we first started this journey a little over 6 months ago, we thought long and hard about how we were going to store our things during the building process.

Obviously, we would A. have to build a storage shed or B. rent a storage shed.

Upon looking at our HOA by-laws, we could not build a secondary building before a primary building on our land.  Now, they could be built in tandem.  So, we decided to rent a climate controlled storage shed - 10' x 20' and also a non-climate controlled shed 10' x 10'.

I was leery everything would fit because we have been married 18 years and had four kids, and you tend to collect things over time. This was the largest we wanted to do though, so we set to work to get rid of things - mostly my office got the hit.  I lost my big desk system that I LOVED!  Plus my expedit shelves that housed all my customer's shirts usually.

When we moved out of the house, I was right, we were packed to the hilt.  Hardly any room at all.

However, we managed to squeeze some house things in - like the speaker system, the ice maker, and the dresser we bought for our room (such a great deal).  Now, literally there is absolutely NO room.  Things fall when we open the doors.

OK, here is where it gets frustrating.  Our plan was to build our 30' x 40' shed at the same time the house was being built!  We started it at the same time!

So, the concrete guy did not get to us until about 3 weeks after we closed on the loan.  We had our pad guy lay the dirt pad at the same time our house pad was done.  Fine - going good.  Then the pad sat there for over a week.  Our house concrete is getting poured one Wednesday morning (June 14) and our builder says he can get more concrete and do the shed pad.  But I said no, because we had already paid for that part through the shed company.

Anyway, the concrete guy for the shed said he would be there the next week - no big deal.  Well, that week came and went - no call.  I gave him a few more days, then called.  He told me to call the office.  So I call the Shed Place and they said they were out a concrete guy, he just quit.  OK, not my problem.  When can you get another guy out.  They said they were looking for someone.

A couple of weeks go by and I am frustrated.  Since this is the good ole boy system, I have DH call them.  They said they found a new guy but he can't start for a couple of weeks.   We are on the list and they will let us know.  I about blew a gasket!

So, this is the start of the second week.  If they cannot get to us by mid-August, then we will be forced to cancel the contract and have our builder construct a shed for us.  Reason being is our driveway will be paved soon and a concrete truck will break it up - we are literally have our hands tied!

PLUS, we expected that this shed would be done by now and we could move our things to our property by this time, especially since I need to start purchasing the inside things we need like blinds, lights, sinks, etc.  (oh, if you are wondering why the builder is not purchasing those things, it is because we are building extremely custom, so we are given an allowance and we can go and find what we want.)

SOOOOOO, last night, we found this gorgeous roll top desk for sale on one of the facebook groups we are in.  It is perfect for our daughter and only $40.  We jumped on it.  Then, you remember how upset I became after we sold that big, beautiful desk I loved so much - especially after the house walls went up and we would have room for it after all.  Well, the people that bought it from us are selling it and letting us take it back for the same price we sold it!  I GET MY DESK BACK!!!

This means we have to get another storage shed - sigh.  BUT, it also means I can start ordering my sinks and lighting which I have been itching to do.  I hate waiting until the last minute!  Plus, one of my lights I am getting off Amazon is low in inventory.

None of this would be a problem if the Shed Place could get off their asses.  They would not get temporary concrete workers, they had to wait until they found someone permanent - which to me is cutting off your nose to spite your face.  He complained to my DH that they had lost a lot of money with this because customers pulled out of their contracts.  Honestly, the Shed Place did not have to - they could have been looking for a permanent person while using temporary workers.  Yes, the temps cost more, but they would not have lost business which will hurt long term.  I swear - some businesses have no clue.


  1. Geesh - what a headache! When you said shed before I'm thinking something like 10x12. You are building a shop, haha! Our shop here at our current house is 20x30. I was wondering how that would work with purchasing some of the things on your own, because I was hoping we can do it that way too. I know when we met with our builder way back when he said we could save money if I had the time to price shop for the stuff.

  2. I have never heard of renting a climate-controlled shed. You will have what you want and cheaper by shopping yourself. Will you email me at ? Thanks.