Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Packing to Go

I am leaving tonight, but only a late flight was available.  It is a small city and not many flights go there, so I am at the mercy of the airlines.  I will be getting to my hotel at around midnight - suck!

I have to get up and going as family is getting to the funeral home early, then visitation starts mid morning.  There is no service at the chapel, only a grave side service - so nice and hot - 90+ degree with lots of humidity and me on the second day of my period.  That is absolutely fabulous!  May God help me.

We decided not to do flowers, but contribute to the continued care of her and my grandfather's grave sites. 

Kind of sitting around waiting for this to be over honestly.  Family drama is very draining and it has already started.  Not long now Papa Smurf.

However, things at the house are moving right along.  I am very anxious about leaving because so much is happening and I have been the one to make all the decisions.  Plus, I typically go 2-3 times a day - it is an obsession right now, but you almost have to be when you are building totally custom like this.

I have pix on my phone, but I won't take them off until later - sorry!

We have stairs to the loft now!  YEAH!  Also the egress window was delivered, so that will hopefully will be installed by the time I get back.  They were framing out the access pull-down stairs for the utilities when I left.  HVAC was there and getting ready to install the duct work and air conditioner.  The electrician will probably get there tomorrow or Thursday

It is little things now, but when you wrap your head around it - it is amazing how this fits together and feeds into it.  Insulation and sheetrock starts sometime next week!  WOO-HOO!

Take care, I will catch up with you all when I get back.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope the service is a nice opportunity to connect with your family. I'll be sending good thoughts to you.

  2. Anytime anything happened, I was having my period or started. It did not matter if the thing was planned or just popped up. I know the heat will not help you at all. I would not like to leave my house for long at this stage. Try not to pass out in the hear!