Monday, July 3, 2017

Manic Monday

Today is a busy one. 

It sort of started yesterday, but here we are today and it is the calm before the storm. 

Our framers have been working 10 hour days in this freaking heat of Houston where heat exhaustion sets in very quickly - only they are hanging around on the roof and getting the reflection from the bright wood.

When we saw the work they did on Saturday and then again on Sunday (not even a day of rest), we felt like we had to do something for them.  So, we are treating them with lunch today.  It is nothing major as I really do not have a way to cook for them and it has to stay good in the heat.  I ordered some slider sandwiches from our grocery stores (they are really good), and will put a bag of apples and oranges as well as some grapes on ice for a cooling treat.  Of course, I am getting them chips,but then also brownie bites for dessert.  Instead of soda, I was going to get lemonade and limeades.

We brought a work table to the property and set it up under some shade.  They made a checker board and used water bottle tops for the checker pieces.  They marked the board with the builder's pencil.  It is pretty ingenius.  I will try to snap a pic of it today.

As you can see, the soffits and fascia boards are up now, and they are starting the roof.  I am not sure what is next, but I meet with the builder this morning.

So, I have to leave in just a few to minutes to get the framers' lunch.  At the same time, I am meeting the builder on site.  Then I need to clean up the site just a bit - it has gotten out of hand.

Back to the RV for laundry and cleaning.  I have to lodge a complaint against the bank holding the construction loan (they are crap, and we be getting rid of them ASAP).  I need to prep some things to get mailed out including the gift we send to Darrell's mother monthly.

Bad news from yesterday that is keeping me on toes from now on for a while.  My last remaining grandparent - my Nana is going into hospice.  I was notified yesterday - she is currently in the hospital.  It was suggested that I wait until she is at home, then bring the whole family to say our respects, so we probably will go next week sometimes.  If she takes a turn for the worse, I have to leave immediately by myself.  They are keeping me posted, so I am on call.

Given that, I am trying to take care of things as soon as they happen and get some preemptive things taken care of.  It is in a precarious time with the build however, and Darrell cannot do it with his job.  So, I will talk to the builder today about that.

The kids are at my sisters.

When Darrell gets home, we are talking about money!  First time in quite a while.  Should be fun! 

OK, well, gotta get moving this morning.

I hope you all have a wonderful day - chins up, smile even if you don't want to - laugh lines are better then frowny ones.


  1. Sorry about your grandmother. I lost all my grands by the time I was 22.

    Money talks are always fun.....well if you HAVE money they are. lolz

    1. I know - I am super spoiled to have them in life until my 40s. Darrell's grandparents were gone before he graduated high school. I think it because they all had kids young.

      I love money talks even when we did not have money because it was always hopefully and it makes me feel better to have a plan.

  2. That is nice of you to feed them. If you cannot cook for them, how do you cook for yourself? I hope one of the guys does not pass out and roll off the roof in all that heat. Around here in the summer, roofers start working at first light and quit around noon. Your house is looking huge!

    Sorry about your grandmother. I never had a grandfather, not one day of my life. Both grandmothers were gone by the time I was 17.

    Aren't the construction workers supposed to clean the site?

    1. I cannot cook large quantities and I cannot bake at all - no oven! The toaster oven cannot bake but 2 servings and to feed a crowd of 15-20. It would take me a couple of days. They were very appreciative for the cool lunch. Here they get to the site early, but work until 6 p.m. It is sad, I would have them do that - that is their boss (not my builder).

      As for cleaning the site - you would think, but they don't. I don't all this crap buried for me to dig out later. The builder started picking up some stuff today and the workers, seeing me out there, did not throw stuff around. The free lunch I think helped.

      Thank you about my grandmother. I actually had 3 grandmothers and only 1 grandfather. He died several years ago when I was pregnant with my last son. My 2nd son is named after him - he was a great man. I hate that you did not have one. Very sad.

    2. Oh, I see now about the cooking part. And, I can understand your not wanting junk buried. I think I would mention that to the builder. Thanks, I did want a grandfather.

      If you are aware of when the yard is going to be leveled, be there to make sure things are not buried. I found out the hard way that being present prevents bad things happening.

  3. Wow. You are so blessed to still have a grandma. Sorry about her declining health.
    Your house sure is coming along nicely! Exciting to see the progress. That was a generous thing to do for the workers. I'm sure they appreciated the free lunch.
    Enjoy your money talk. Money or not, it is always good to make sure you are on the same page as your spouse.

  4. You are soo kind! What a great idea to bring the guys lunch! My parents bought a brand new house and the workers left so much trash in the flower beds(mostly cigarette butts).