Monday, July 10, 2017

Funeral and Updates

When we picked up the kids from my sisters, they were sick, so I have decided to go to the funeral by myself.  It is not a big deal, when you have kids and the funeral is far away, one person represents the family.

My Dad will be there and I have not seen him in a while, so that will be good - he is getting older too, so seeing him will be a priority.  He lives far away as well.  It is tough, because none of our parents live close and to visit each once a year would be 3 separate trips.  Still having kids at home, running a business and homeschooling makes it tough for 3 trips.  These are not weekend distances either.

This is why I was hoping our new house would be better for them to come see us - there is more room and more interesting things to do - projects, etc.  So maybe we visit one and the other 2 come to us and we rotate.  I don't know - they won't be able to travel soon enough, but by then we will not have kids living at home or even if they are, they won't need us.

Anyway, while I am visiting my grandmother's house, there are a couple of things I want to do. 

1. On the suggestion of cooking something of hers, I am going to write down some recipes - I highly doubt I will get the originals, but I can write some down.

2. I am going to ask my cousin who is the executor of her will, if I can take some of her clothes to make her (my cousin) a lap quilt, and other family members pillows or bears.  I am not sure how this will go, so I will feel it out first.  It might be just planting an idea and then looking at it later.

3. In the south, people do not talk about their wills - drives me up the wall!  I don't want any money and or anything major, I just want a little something I can remember them by.  When my grandfather died, 13 years ago, I did not get anything to remember him and I understand that - she was still living and she loved him, so I get it.  But now that they are both gone, I really want something - doesn't matter how small or insignificant.  I am weird like that.  If she asks though, what I really want is a bird clock.  It is round like a regular clock, but every hour, it chirps or sings like the bird that is pictured for that hour.  That would be the most amazing thing to have!

Moving on,  we joined a secular group for socialization - I am in over my head.  They are extremely active, but maybe it will get us moving a bit.  I have to host events, help with events, etc.  I need to do this.  I am just overwhelmed today.

So, I am leaving tomorrow - after the meeting with the cabinet maker.  I am still moving forward with the house.  It needs to keep going with or without me.


  1. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I hope you are able to bring something back in which to remember your grandmother.

  2. Jennifer, I'm so sorry for your loss.