Friday, July 7, 2017

Week 23 Update

I know it seems like I am always updating, but there is a lot happening right now with the house and life, and just everything.  We both commented that we are excited when we can take a weekend and just be at home.

Land Home - Whew - so much it is hard to list.  All the framing except for the stairs, hearth and the access ladder to the utilities is done.  The roof is actually going on!  The windows came in today!

We have an appointment to meet the cabinet maker on Tuesday.  We are ordering the reclaimed barnwood beams on Saturday, finalized our granite choices (which I felt I needed to do before I picked the cabinet color), picked the baseboards, solidified decisions on 1/2 a dozen more things - lighting, fans, crown moulding, doors, etc.

I think most of the changes that need to be made are done.  It is just a matter of picking out the last few things and then letting them get built and put together.

RV Living - Well, this week was a little easier with the kids being at my sisters'.  We really did not do anything major - it was a lot of decision making about the house.  We mostly slept.

I was dragged into family drama that threw me for a loop.  It was to close to how my mother treated me and this is from an extended not even really family person that does not know me - she just thinks she does.  It made me cry though - I am so sensitive to that kind of crap and crap is what it is. 

My grandmother is not doing great.  I was finally updated.  She coded at the hospital.  She recovered though and is now at home in hospice.  She had a heart attack that left her with only 25%.  She cannot move hardly, cannot hardly talk, is on heavy medication and high amounts of oxygen.  She has melanoma and is in A-fib.  Her pain is tremendous because she has shingles.  Her body is just shutting down.  A bath wore her out so much that the Hospice nurse said every other day or maybe even every two days. 

It is sad really, you never want to see people in pain.

Homeschool - I gave up.  With my grandmother dying and the camp we put Laney in, there is only 2 here and then 4 weeks off due to camp and staying with my sister again, that both Darrell and I decided to put it off until Labor Day.  That is when the busy time of the house will be and all decisions have to be made.  Come September, it will just be finalizing, detailing, getting the paperwork in order, blah, blah, blah. 

I found another homeschool group that hopefully, will let us join.  They vet everyone, which is fine with me.  They had a run of people that did not really homeschool, but just wanted to advertise.  It happens.  They require religious freedom and no faith statements (you have no idea how difficult that is to find here).  Which is probably another reason they take their time admitting.  I had to answer very simple questions and then we have to go to a park day and meet everyone.  That is for both sides.  If we do not like them, we don't have to join, but they also get to see if we will fit in.

Now though, giving the gaslighting that happened, I feel the need for a glass of wine.

I hope you have a great weekend - we are off to pick up the kiddos.  


  1. Most homeschooling groups I know are all about religion.

  2. Just look at those beautiful shingles! I'm so sorry about the family drama and your grandmother being in hospice.