Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Let's get it together

I am so unmotivated in this RV - it is killing me!  Everyday I tell myself, let's just get it going on be the person you know you are.

Then, every morning, if I don't have to go to the house, I sit in my chair, drink coffee and scroll on Facebook.  It sucks!

Really though, it is not unusual that we don't go outside much this time of year.  With the temps in the 100's daily and the humidity so thick you can't breath, it just doesn't make sense to leave.  Add to that, we are living in about 100 sq ft of living space and living in a new new area, well, it just doesn't breed energy and motivation.

Today, however, I am determined to get something done.  I have a meeting for a teen dance today and since we are meeting a library, the kids are coming with me.  I have given them the eclipse assignment, so this will be a great time for them to check out some periodicals.  My son is doing the scientific aspects of solar eclipses and my daughter is getting the history and lore portion.

Then I need a list to keep motivated!

1. Schedule the ortho appt.
2. Reschedule chiro appt.
3. Pay for beef deposit (our side we normally get every year and half)
4. Marinate chicken for dinner
5. Research or outline a basic plan for teen led newsletter
6. Send note to Father-in-law about all clear cancer result!!
7. Have kids make a "love" card for dying step-grand father.
8. Sweep RV
9.  Wipe ceilings
10.  Call my sister
11.  Follow up on customer question
12. Update schedule on bank deadlines, utility installs, etc.

If I get that done today - I will sleep better tonight - it is not too much - most take just a few minutes - it is just a matter of doing it!

Wish me luck!


  1. Some days it's all I can do to get through lists like that. Like you said, it's just a matter of doing it!

    1. Yep, I did pretty good. My day got away from me, but it is MOSTLY done.

  2. When it is too hot and I am unmotivated, I resort to making all the calls I should and others that are just out of curiosity. I have a list of phone calls to make, but it is a week's worth of calls and some need to be called again.

    1. Luckily mine is not too long. I cannot hear on the phone well from a congenital hearing issue, so I tend to email, message or text.