Monday, May 15, 2017

Back in the Swing!

Yes, my work is all done!  All quilts are done and delivered - thank you!  I only have to make a deposit and I will literally be completely finished, but that is not a stress at all, as we make bi-weekly bank runs anyway.

So, homeschool started in earnest today!  We packed up and went to the rec room - which was fabulous!  It will work beautifully!  There are two open tables, completely across the room from each other and I just bounced between them.

We did math, word study, writing, and some history/literature.  We are starting slow - grammar gets added tomorrow and poetry on Friday.  I will probably wait a couple more weeks before started Latin, and science may start next week.

History is always a discussion, so that was great!

We talked about tolerance and limits - discussing how Americans felt about tolerance in general and the perception with some groups now.  We delved into tolerance with parents, siblings, the environment and the concept of absolute tolerance and unlimited tolerance.  (We are studying American History, specifically during the time of Puritans just before the witch trials.)

It was so amazing to see their little minds working and working.

It feel incredible to be back at homechooling again.  So thankful we are able to do this!


  1. Homeschooling was one of my greatest joys. I a ill have DD for pre-algebra, but as she is using Math-U-See, she works pretty independently. Actually, she works on math during her final period at PS. (No way I am driving 25 miles to get one kid home 56 minutes early.) She sits in the disciplinary room, and breaks open her math. One day, she was stuck, and asked the proctor for help. In any case, word got out, and that curriculum is quite the talk of the faculty. She was told to ask me if I would allow them to look at all the books. Maybe, just maybe, this may move our school from the nonsensical math...

    1. *still* not Android is choosing to ignore certain letters. Ugh.

    2. We are Saxon Fans. My daughter is Pre-Algebra as well and is independent except for every now and then. So far, so good, but I do cut the number of problems down. 15 to 16 per day plus the lesson practice. I will be glad when the math curriculum is over!

    3. If the schools used Saxon, even, I would let them teach her math. I don't have words to describe their current curriculum. It's ridiculous. My dh has a degree in physics, and he couldn't make head nor tails out if the 5th grade math methods.

    4. OH, I am so with you on that one! I could not stand the math in the public schools. When they went back that year, I had taught them a simple way to do square roots. Well, they had to jump through hoops wiggle, step right, jump back and run around the building the way they taught them AND they were not allowed to do it the easy way either - even with a right answer, it would be marked off.