Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trees? I LOVE Trees

I have been getting a lot of flack from "Friends" about moving to what is ultimately a forest. 

The trees will fall on your house.  Aren't you scared of that?

Me?  Scared of falling trees?  Nah. 

3 main reasons trees fall:

1.  They are improperly taken care of and their root system cannot become very stable due to over watering.

2.  They are diseased and/or rotting.

3. Intense acts of nature.

My response is that I know how to care for trees (life long tree hugger), I will cut down any diseased trees before damage can occur.  And for acts of nature, well, that is why I have insurance.

So, me and my big self telling this to all these people.  Look what happened last night to us.

It shook us pretty good and made quite the noise, but very little damage and everyone is fine.  That little window there is where Koen sleeps and was there when this happened around 11 pm.  I am not sure about the storage shed - I think it is fine, but we cannot get to it just yet. 

By the way, did I tell y'all I scored that storage shed for free!  Yep, it has worked out perfectly.  Darrell did not think we needed it, but it is full to the brim!

Needless to say, I did not sleep well.  The adrenaline took a while to wear off!  However, upon inspection this morning, this tree is rotting from the inside, so my shpeal stands true!  Unfortunately, I have no control of when trees get cut down.  This one and several others in this park would go if it was up to me. 

Well, off to ortho appointments, quilt deliveries and library run, but I need more coffee first!


  1. Yikes! that was lucky it just missed your trailer. Glad no damage, I'll bet that was scary to get woken up to.

  2. That was scary! I love trees, too. I had a hickory cut that shaded my house at noon and into the afternoon. It was rotten in the middle, so it had to go. Now, another hickory needs to be cut as it is leaning out of the ground with roots showing. It will hit my neighbor's house! The oak in the front yard is dropping 500 lb. limbs, but is not ready to be cut, just pruned. I hate to see trees die or become diseased. Glad that did not hit your house.

  3. Wow! Glad that missed your trailer!