Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lots of Great News Today!

Well, for starters, this is my oldest son's and my youngest son's birthday today!  They are 21 and 13 respectfully.  We are not big on celebrating the day of if it is during the week, so we did it this past weekend.  Just 13 year old got a special breakfast today.

So, we got up and got started with homeschool - that went pretty smoothly, then I told the kids we were going to find a place to walk.  Since it was so beautiful out today, a mild 80 F and low humidity, we decided to walk around where our house is being built and check the mail. 

The contractors were on a lunch break, so I took a moment to talk to them.  They have finished cutting down all the trees that will be cut and are now just burning the excess - it will take a couple of days because of the rain we are getting, but we are definitely moving ahead.

This is going to be the last straight on photo.  That is the second great news - I am getting a wide angle lens!  I will be able to show you the entire area soon - then I will take pictures almost daily! 

Although this looks like a large area has been cut back, there really will not be much space - maybe 12 ft around the perimeter.  We cut as little as possible down as we want to live in the forest!  LOL

So, while we were on our walk around the neighborhood, I received a couple of emails - one of which was APPROVAL FROM OUR HOA!  WOO-HOO!  Now, we can really move forward.  3rd piece of great news.

Then I spent some time on the deck at the RV reading, when another email came in - the engineering drawings for the shed!  YEAH!!!  Now the select fill pads can really be built and soon too!

I am over the top thrilled.

It definitely made living in the RV a better thing - seemed worth it, etc. 

Oh, yeah, I am meeting with the builder either tomorrow or Thursday to make final decisions on the sizes of the windows.   I think I may be even picking the shingle color.  It is going to start coming together finally!

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