Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Excavation Day!

Well, they pulled out the big guns and are starting to excavate today! 

They are also adding in the temporary culvert - so this really gets the process going!

I walked through with the builder and the excavator this morning to shore up the plans for removal of trees and line of underbrush, where the driveway is going, etc.

This is such an exciting part.  Before the underbrush was clear, but now we really get to see how it will look!  Without the trees blocking views and such.

I will take more pictures when they are done.  The machines were too big and very scary to walk around.  They also will be burning the cut trees and brush which is actually really cool because they promised to move the ashes to where we will have our garden. 

With that, Darrell plans on building a pond in a low area that pools water anyway, so the dirt that he pulls up is going to be mixed with the ashes and it will have a year or more to sit and become really rich before we start our garden.  I am not sure next year will be the time, but for sure the next.

More moving forward!


  1. Ponds should not be in low areas since any run off from livestock will make the pond turn over=green scum and kill the pond. Plus, any poisons will run there and kill anything in the pond. Check it out anyway.

    1. Good to know! Thank you for that info!

  2. Happy "breaking ground" day! So exciting for you - how all your hard work over the last few months will pay off!