Friday, May 19, 2017

Week 16 Update

It seems so strange to put that we are Week 16 of this adventure.  It feels so much longer and so much shorter of time to us.  Longer in that we are waiting and waiting for the building to start, but so short in that we only made this decision mid-January!

The dream was long time coming, but it really was just one easy morning of us talking and BOOM!  The process started.

This week was much slower and easy.  The HOA thing is nothing compared to what HAS been going on with the lenders, the sale of the house, etc.

1. Land Home - lots of changes this week!  We are in full swing.  The brick has been ordered, because it takes 10-12 weeks.  I am sure a few more things have been ordered, but it is not things that I have to choose.  This is all infrastructure that was decided on very early - such as lumber, nails, insulation, etc.

The lot clearing is in full swing.  They started on Wednesday and will be working at least through today - possibly Monday.  LOTS of trees to cut down - a bajillion pines.  It looks weird now - not park like when the brush was cut down.  There is full sun in the middle where the house and shed will go - which makes me a little sad, but I know we actually have to build a house - LOL.  They also put in the culvert and are burning what they cut down - makes me nervous, but people do it all the time.

The culvert actually was the best part for me - it is the beginning of our driveway.  Hopefully they brought the crushed granite today, so I can get a good picture.

As for the HOA thing - The Management Company got back with me this morning.  Bless them - my email was rough.  She said she already sent the HOA our completed application.  BUT, she would send it again, mark our account to NOT VOTED (it was on hold).  She said they should be fairly quick.  I hope so.  So, now, I will pay a visit to my fellow HOA board neighbor today.

2. RV Living - This was really the first week that we could settle in and actually get into a routine.  It is not our home really, but we are getting comfortable.   The kids and I used the rec room for homeschool and it works beautifully.  It is getting too hot to really sit outside anymore - 95 F  and lots of humidity.

Last night, Darrell and I took a walk after sunset and were looking at some of the others little patio areas.  We talked a bit about what we wanted to do - a pot for cherry tomatoes, maybe lights - but we ultimately decided that it would start making this place feel permanent and that is not what it is.  We do not want this to feel permanent.  Yes, we need to feel comfortable and it is our temporary home, but just that - temporary.  I don't want to spend money for this place.  Now, if it is something that we will like there, that is fine, but I am even holding on off on that until we are there.  What I want now, may not work there - because after all - it is still a drawing - a very detailed drawing, but our home is still just a drawing.

3. Homeschool - WOO-HOO!  We did a full week of homeschool!  With tests and everything.   It was great.  Today, we will start reading the Constitution - I know they are rolling their eyes, but it is such a major document and perfect for what is going on today.  I may have them relate it to a current political article when we are done to make it real for them.

4. Business - I said no more business updates, but this is truly the final one - only 3 categories after this. I finished on Friday.  All done - no mas.  Delivered on Saturday.  Received final payments.  Made the deposits yesterday.  All equipment is packed and in storage.  We moved out of the working storage shed, so I have not been there AT ALL this week - heaven!  Pure heaven. 

We will have to see where I will be once we get settled in the new house.  Right now, no more business.  I don't want to stat it back up, but I am still in the throws of building a house and homeschooling which both require quite a bit of time.  Who knows what will happen!  I am leaving it open.

Well, that is it - I will post pictures probably tomorrow.  This evening we are celebrating our May birthdays.  Darrell's was this week and my oldest and youngest are next week (on the same day!)  So, we are just taking everyone out to dinner.  Unfortunately, my college boy cannot make it in - I am bummed - I have not seen him since February.  He is going on a month-long mission trip in the Appalachian Mountains starting on Saturday!  They will not have phones or computers, so no contact except June 3rd.  We had to set up a phone time.  Then we will not hear from him until sometime in July.  UGH!  But I knew he would be like this - his whole life I knew.

As for us, we are just hanging out this weekend.  We may go check out appliances (Memorial Day Sales), get birthday boy some pants - he just grew out of everything this past month.

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. It really does not seem like it has been very long that you announced that you were building a house, but you have gotten so much done in such a short time. I plan to do some yard work, go for a walk with a friend and do some cleaning this weekend. Pretty boring stuff for me.

    1. Boring is good! There has been so much craziness lately that your weekend sounds like a dream!