Friday, May 5, 2017

Week 14 Update

This week was full of ups, downs and crisscrosses.  We definitely made a leap forward in regards to the house and well, we are all still laughing and loving, so we made it another week.  Darrell actually the afternoon off yesterday.  I put off all the errands and we spent some time together.  Yes, we worked on house stuff, but we needed to get some decisions made.  It was lovely, he was a little more tender with me and I let him be because I needed it.

1. Land Home 

Last night right at 5 o'clock, we got the word that we are CLEARED from the underwriters to close!  That means we will probably be closing on the construction to permanent loan next week (I hope so anyway).  I will be so glad when this happens.

The land also got cleared this week - Darrell was macho guy yesterday and we took the 4 wheel truck through it.  WOW! Bumpy to say the least - I won't be doing that again.  I think those days of that being fun are over for me.  There are a few hardwoods that we would love to save, but one in particular may be a problem.  Oh, we found out that this piece of property and probably the whole area was a deer range.  There was a falling down deer stand and a lean-to fort type structure.  Very old and falling down as well. The history of land is so interesting to me. 

Yesterday, we ditched the have tos and went searches for flooring and shower tile.  I was having a lot of trouble on two issues:

  1. Finding an engineered wood that was thicker to be closer to the height of the saltillo tiles we are installing and still be a color we like.
  2. Finding shower grade tiles that would look good next to the saltillo tiles.  

Those saltillos tiles are so freaking gorgeous, but cannot be used a shower and are thick so the transitions between flooring is tough.  By actually finding a 1/2" engineered wood we like yesterday, there will not have to be as much thin set used to raise the level to the saltillo!  SCORE! 

Because of the natural clay of the saltillo tiles, porcelain tiles look downright fake next to them - they almost look plastic.  I knew I would have to get something natural looking to work, but what?  On-line, most designers are going full spanish with the saltillo tiles by using talavera tiles in the shower, however, I do not want the full spanish look - just hints of it.  So, we looked and looked and we walked by the slate.  When I think of slate, I think of very medium to dark gray, so it never crossed my mind to use it.  But, they had a more neutral tan/gray and with dark places and oranges slate tile.  It was stunning and looked gorgeous with the saltillos and the wood we are getting.  It is perfect!  We cannot put it on the floor though, so we found this flatten river rock set that we can put on our shower floor.  It is truly stunning and the perfect compliment to the authentic mexican clay tiles that I have been holding for 5 years waiting to put them in my home.

Oh, I also decided on a copper farmhouse sink with apron for my kitchen.  A splurge, but it will look absolutely stunning and so far, I have selected everything within range of allowance, plus, I am paying this out of pocket. Darrell and I did decided that some things like this, we will just pay out of pocket ourselves.  So, far, we did this for the front door and now the sink.  The only other thing I can think that we will go over is the kitchen cabinets.  Everything else, I am pretty ok with.  Even though the slate tiles may seem like that will be over the amount allotted - it is not. 

2. RV Living

As you know, we had a moment this week.  The walls were closing in on me, so to speak.  It will happen.  I will have bad days - people will get to me.  It just made it clear to me that I really do Need a brick and mortar home in this world.  This RV is fine because I know it is temporary and for a good reason - so I can get a copper sink and door that we love - and save a crap ton of money in the process (ie pay off debt).

The tree that almost hit us did send us reeling.  It happen on my "bad day", so maybe that is why Darrell was so tender yesterday with me.  You can either make something good come of something that is bad or spend your life a victim.  We chose to draw closer.  So, that tree was the best thing that could have happened at the time.

We are planning to go see our favorite local cover band this weekend - they are a Beatles cover band, but cover some of the other British invasion music of that time.  They are playing at a local festival and we carving out time to go have some fun.  Even when we get in the house, we need to do this.  It is something we have forgotten these past few years.

3. Homeschool

Well, we partially started this week!  I had to work, work, work, so it is still not great, but they started and that is a good things.  At this point, they have just done their work in the RV because I have been at the storage shed working.

Which leads me to

4.  My Business

Sigh.  I finished 2 completely and delivered them.  I plan on finishing another today if I really push, and another one by Monday.  That leaves ONE left.  It is big too - 40 shirts, a colorblock border.  Good grief.   I did finish cutting apart all the shirts last night, so they are prepped and ready to iron.

It feels like closing this business will never end, but it will.  By the end of next week it will be done.

It is nice to feel like we are moving forward this week.  Very, very nice!


  1. congrats on the clear to close! I'm sure that is a huge relief. A copper farmhouse sink is my must have/splurge too. They are just gorgeous. I plan to pay for that out of pocket, like you. that river rock shower floor sounds interesting - you need to post some pics LOL

  2. You are making amazing progress. And, like you said, getting squirrelly in such a tight space is completely to be expected!

  3. Completely understandable that you're all feeling tetchy and short tempered and snappish - that's a small space that you're sharing. It's bound to happen but as you say, chalk it up to a bad day and go with the good days that come afterwards. You're all moving towards your ultimate goal and will appreciate it so much more once you're all moved in.

    Scary moment with the tree but glad you're all okay and no serious damage done (so far).

    Hang in there! It's so great to read all your experiences. Hugs! xx